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  1. Got it! Well, at least for me. I went through the various drivers, and I spotted that the NVidia software includes an audio driver. It turned out was an update for NVidia Geforce Experience. I started it, and it updated. Problem solved. I hope it helps the rest of you too.
  2. *UPDATE* I tried to do some bug-hunting myself. I tried to switch to DirectX 12. No change. I uninstalled DirectPlay support in Windows. No change. I tried to use window's trouble shooting agent. It reported a problem with a AMDA interface. (AMDA = AMD Audio?). I tried to correct and restart. No change. Then I tried to change my standard output for sounds. I usually use headphones plugged into the computer via jack. But I've also got a monitor with speakers, which can play sound. And once I change to use that in stead, the stuttering dissapeared! Both from Civilization VI and Oxygen Not Included. I'm not sure what to deduce from this, but now you know.
  3. Hi. I'm experiencing this too. In the beginning it was an on/off problem. It came and then next time I started the game, it wasn't there. Now it is always there. BUT, now I also experience it in Civilization VI. So I think this isn't solely an ingame problem, but must rather be something between the game and something outside the game. Maybe something with Steam...? Maybe something with DirectX...? Or something third...? I really don't know. But I think it must be in the use of some third-party software which both Oxygen Not Included and Civilization VI both use.