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  1. I saw tons posts on the web with people complaining about nettles never being able to grow but almost all of those posts are a few years old. So I'm wondering if nettles are still broken? I dug out a bunch and planted them back into the deep jungle (couldn't fertilize them after re-planting). I also put up a sprinkler to constantly water them. It's in the middle of the heavy fog/rain season + I got my sprinkler going yet the best I could ever get is to their leaf stage, but never to a fully grown state. It only took maybe 20 seconds to get them from bud to leaf stage, but it never goes beyond this. And interesting enough, I notice that nettles that I *don't* dig up *do* fully grow! It's only the ones that have been re-planted that never ever grow. So what's going on here? This seems like a very well known and old bug, so is this still broken?