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  1. Has Anybody Gotten Good Skins?

    I play on PS4, managed to get a Scorched Satchel the other day. (Dragonfly Backpack, which is my favorite one.) Unraveled both of my distinguished knapsack skins after I got it because I am literally never making any other backpack EVER.
  2. [Game Update] - 376201

    I'd assume the only time anything becomes neutral to merms is when players are in proximity to the merm king, but who knows?
  3. Wait, is this an Endothermic firepit or a regular one with a unique fire color? Because if it's the latter i'd listen to a thousand hours of the Phonograph of Insanity for it because wowza that's one awesome skin. I wonder if making the fire a different color entirely like say, purple?? is actually possible with a skin considering some skins have unique particle effects.
  4. Completed this before, but after switching to PS4 and realizing I couldn't use my sick ancient skins, I was pretty bummed. It's cool that we can do this on console now!! Anybody looking for a partner specifically on PS4?