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  1. If you enter or leave the caves in a RoG game, there is a chance that the season changes to seemingly random season. If you enter the ruins, the game might freeze and repeatedly play the crafting sound effect, force quitting the game and entering the game again fixes the problem, but only for that one time. If for example I have a RoG world connected to another world, let’s say a SW world, and I go to the SW world on day 50, go back to RoG and go to SW again on day 70, if I don’t save the game and force quit or the game crashes, when I enter the game again the day counter will go back to the last time it saved in the SW world, in that case day 50. However, on the RoG world and in the volcano the day counter will stay the same. This bug can also reverse the aporkalypse in Hamlet. In Hamlet you can get stuck in the queen womant throne. For some reason, maybe because of the random season change bug, when a hound wave comes, there is only one hound. In hamlet in the ancient pig ruins if you enter a door, sometimes the character will go to a weird spot and only enter the door after that. While it’s not a bug, more of a performance issue I thought I should write it down too. In SW during the monsoon season, there’s a constant fps drop which really slows down the game, makes it hardly playable. I would like to note that most of the bugs listed here were already present in the 1.0.4 version of the game. I hope I have helped with this and I hope you will find a way to fix these issues. Sorry if I misspelled something, english is not my main language.
  2. Yes, it is a trap. Set pieces like this make summer, but if you find one in not a desert it is going to make winter.
  3. In a shipwrecked/Reign of Giants world on the Nintendo switch edition I found the volcano on day 81 and entered. But after loading for some seconds, my game crashed, and I can’t access my world now. I didn’t get any crash report, it only said the game crashed because an error occured. I tried a lot of times to get in, but still can’t. It’s very frustrating.