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  1. Oddly enough, I even reinstalled every addon and nothing really changed. Thanks for helping me out, I will look into that tomorrow!
  2. Failed to scan constant from string.. It's something related to mods... log_end.txt
  3. I usually use "continue" in loops to remove unwanted things, but its missing? Is there any "continue" statement in DS/DST?
  4. Try to disable mods like My Pet and etc
  5. Yep, in my modmain Just stuck with this forever, doing something will result in standing and sound bugs
  6. The main problem its just freeze without crash
  7. I want to make books more customizable: Number of birds, tentacles, sanity loss, etc... I can't understand why code crashing and freezing my game Any help would be helpful. Thanks! AddPrefabPostInit("book_tentacles", function(inst) = function(inst, reader) local pt = reader:GetPosition() local numtentacles = 3 reader.components.sanity:DoDelta(-TUNING.SANITY_HUGE) reader:StartThread(function() for k = 1, numtentacles do local theta = math.random() * 2 * PI local radius = math.random(3, 8) local result_offset = FindValidPositionByFan(theta, radius, 12, function(offset) local pos = pt + offset --NOTE: The first search includes invisible entities return #TheSim:FindEntities(pos.x, 0, pos.z, 1, nil, { "INLIMBO", "FX" }) <= 0 and TheWorld.Map:IsPassableAtPoint(pos:Get()) and TheWorld.Map:IsDeployPointClear(pos, nil, 1) end) if result_offset ~= nil then local x, z = pt.x + result_offset.x, pt.z + result_offset.z local tentacle = SpawnPrefab("tentacle") tentacle.Transform:SetPosition(x, 0, z)"attack_pre") --need a better effect SpawnPrefab("splash_ocean").Transform:SetPosition(x, 0, z) ShakeAllCameras(CAMERASHAKE.FULL, .2, .02, .25, reader, 40) end Sleep(.33) end end) return true end end)