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  1. Aaand again it's the crockpot causing game crashes (and again something about "LUA" and "nil")... Looks like somebody doesn't like DS-food...
  2. thanks a thousand! just noticed the same! see? I always knew it. cooking is like war: if you lose, you did something wrong. ;D
  3. Game Crashes When Near Beefalo?

    aaahhh, good to see this. yes, the same crash occured to me, too. well, let's hope this is fixed as quick as the other bug from a while ago however, I noted certain sound effects starting to "stutter", especially that of the beefaloos and bees...
  4. World Presets not working

    maybe you wanna see this:
  5. Don't Starve broken for good?

    thanks a thousand. I play DS since years and I love it to a fault! that's why I was so sad when it started crashing.
  6. Don't Starve broken for good?

    oh no, that's exactly what I wanted to avoid: making you feel bad... -.-" I'm very grateful for your attempts - thanks a thousand! and yes, the exact same error nottification as you mentioned occurs to me and other gamers! yeah, let's wait for the QoL update. maybe it will fix the game. cheers!^^
  7. Don't Starve broken for good?

    I did everything you said. nope. nothing helps. sorry, but I'm getting a bit sour now. I mean, it's a game I paid for and I really love to play it. And I did everything I was recommended so far, without improving anything or solving the issues. since I checked the files on my computer and checked the verification on steam and both say that everything was alright, I start to believe that both your updates simply damaged the game itself. Again, I may remind you and your team to the issues from before the newest update, thus, the issues ar not new, right? I'm really sorry if I sound icky and bitchy now, but I'm pretty sad that the game brakes down more and more, making it almost unplayable. And, as far as I noticed from the steam forums and here, I am not the only one experiencing this very issue with the world costumization. really, I'm thinking about kicking the game and download it anew, maybe it will fix the problem. log.txt
  8. Don't Starve broken for good?

    Hmmm, ok, I'm gonna try copying the log.txt file to this chat. Meanwhile: it has been mods such as "foxy", "freddy fazbear" and "the sceecher". they are now deactivated. log.txt
  9. Don't Starve broken for good?

    ok, I did the whole verification process and it keeps saying that all files have been checked successfully. but the game keeps crashing as soon as I leave the customize menu... one idea of mine is to uninstall DS and download it anew. btw: I dunno if you ever noticed, but before the newest update some hours ago, DS already witnessed severe bugs for several weeks. lots of gamers complained about them. for example, world setting didn't work at all, keeping "jumping back" to zero when leaving the customize menu. and now, after the update, it's even worse...
  10. Don't Starve broken for good?

    Ummmm... I'm a bit clueless... I'm playing the "basic" version of DS. Well, I found three types of text files: 1. "backup_log.txt" 2. "log.txt 3. "settings.ini" which one? Maybe a screenshot does the trick?
  11. Looks like Klei killed Don't Starve for good... just a few moments ago, I opened the game and was informed that an update was available. I confirmed and the game opened as usual. However, first I was asked to deaktivate my mods, then I tried to costumize my world - at that moment the game crashed, showed a long list of errors and then I was asked to leave the game. Great, just great.