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  1. Thank you so much, I can only add to the applause. Decent game, great work ethics, I will continue supporting this even during times I can't play regularly because it is rare you find this quality in gaming nowadays. It's all a push for early releases of buggy underdeveloped games and they rarely get better.
  2. 1. Settings If I am planning a megabase the first thing I do is adjust the world settings. I turn off disease as it would be too much to bother to replant all the stuff I have meticulously placed every few hundred days or so. I would probably spend a season or two just doing that. I also remove wildfires in the summer to avoid having to plan my base around flingos, unless you plan to spend summers in the caves but that's not what I want to do every summer. Then there are other things such as world size, branching etc. 2. Map Once that is sorted I set upon discovering the map. I don't stress with megabase during the first year, I take my time to scout and discover a nice spot, while gathering resources meanwhile. There is also and addon that reveals the map for you but that's a personal choice, I like the aspect of discovering. I like to find a place that is somewhere in the middle and I can travel easilly from there. I check if nearby wormholes connect to useful points like beequeen or moon rocks, antlion or whatever else you consider to be useful. Also keep in mind if your world regens, you may want to avoid forest areas as they will also spawn trees all around and in your base. I don't mind it too much, I try to be careful then with fires from lightning or other sources. But if someone doesn't want to deal with that I suggest maybe rocky area or grass area. It is an added bonus if my map has a set-piece, that always makes your world more interesting. 3. Makeshift base I personally like to be near a swamp while I am planning all this to help me with hounds if they get too many. I set up a makeshift safe spot for myself with a science machine, a campfire, a crock pot and a fridge, perhaps a chest or two and that's enough to survive the year. 4. Enjoy Once I have made up my mind and I am happy with my current map I start building science area, chest area, a kitchen of sorts and farming places such as geckos, bunny farms, spiders and volt goats (I just keep these cuties in a pen without man-eating plants :D). And that's that I think, later things just get easier and you can focus more on aesthetics.
  3. I think I may have, but it's a bit weird. I got the rook skin for WX and I see it added to my account on accounts page, I also saw it in game as recent reward. But If I go to character page and want to use it, it is still locked and needs to be weaved, so I'm not sure if I am doing sth wrong maybe. On the other hand I dont remember when I got the tree skin for wx (verdant) so may be I got that one instead? Or I just don't remember a daily
  4. good job everyone, the deerclops costume may be my favourite, good fun and creativity
  5. Sent in mine, had to fabricate some Halloweeny decorations but I tried with what I had, can't wait to see other submissions, it will be as fun to watch them as preparing my own, seriously I'm too old to be enjoying this so much but thanks for the event! edit: ty, wx skin is great!
  6. This sounds like so much fun, we don't even celebrate Halloween where I live but I wanna par-take somehow, will try to think of sth Halloweeny
  7. Why did this thread go south? I actually was hoping to get nice info here since I am not sure myself how it works, how on earth would anyone have a problem with this?
  8. I have missed both of those events but I appreciate and respect this reply so much. It is extremely rare these days for devs to keep their player base up-to-date and educated about the future of the game, the decision making process or just any behind the scenes. If not anything else (there is loads more) then this is the reason I will keep supporting this game, the mutual respect of the player base and the developers of the game. Eventhough I already bought some skins this update, I'm gonna go back to the store today and throw a bit more at DST
  9. Hi @Vikt4, have you checked if it is in game already? You don't receive it as a present like a daily log in gift but it should be there in crafting tab to choose as a skin. I had the same issue thinking it will come as a gift but it was just added automatically and I can craft the tent skin. Good luck
  10. I brought a Tallbirg egg to Hamlet from Shipwrecked and attempted to hatch it. All went according to plan up to the point when Smallbird grew into a Smallish Tallbird/Teenbird. The Teenbird was following me but is now unable to leave the Slanty Shanty, no matter the distance I travel without him, he does not want to join me and remains in Slanty Shanty. He does continue to lose hunger and hp there if not fed. It wasn't an issue for smallbird stage. Smallbird could enter and exit slanty shanty freely. Teenbird may be too tall to squeeze through the door
  11. yep yep, waiting to build my coral reef empire :/
  12. as of today this is still happening, i started new shipwrecked game compatibile with hamlet but not linked. In the beginning I could hammer coral reef after mining it, and i collected three coral larva but ever since then i can't collect more. It is same issue as described above, i can interact with it when i have hammer but boat seems to never be able to get close enough, i am experiencing this with armoured boat, not sure if it's same with other boats.
  13. Same thing for me, although my world is not merged, it's a separate shipwrecked world and at first my meatballs would disappear when i tried to pick them up but now, the second day of this problem, everytime i do try to take meatballs from crock pot my game crashes, this does not happen however with other food that i cook on a crock pot so i am guessing it may be more about meatballs than crockpot. That happens even with all shipwrecked compatibile mods disabled.
  14. the same thing happened to me when i was trying to hatch a robin in slanty shanty. I had full inventory and night time came so i wanted to pick up and move the egg closer to the fire pit. it did not go into my inventory as it was full but robin hatched mid air while being carried to fire pit. that resulted in two robins and two gizzard stones, no egg anymore though. One robin seems to have disappeared after a while but there are still two gizzard stones.
  15. I experienced the same issue, and just like in the above picture the totem/truffle thingie is outside of any room and not accessible, when I enter the room under the icon i sort of see the totem on the wall but cannot interact with it. It happened in ruins leading to second pig village.