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  1. this exact thing happened to me today, except my world was 1600+ days and had event items in it from as far as year of carrat, I never did any backups or anything since I didn't expect stuff to go that much south, I have no clue what to do false alarm: it was a visual bug showing the game on day 1, phew
  2. Missed it completely hoping next month I can stay up long enough to watch it
  3. This short is so great I had a hard time picking my favourite, honestly most of them would make great vignettes
  4. disease was pointless, I always turned it off anyway, you had the option there to have it or not in world gen settings and let's be honest here, no one wanted it, no one was using it so why bother now. It's like not wanting to eat a cookie but wanting to have it just because reasons. Who wants to deal with this labour intensive stuff anyway when you are on your day +1000 for old world and trying to do other stuff than run around with a shovel or whatever other cure it would be. Great that they removed it, let's not be sore about something that no one would know was removed had they not put it in patch notes. The weeds with farming update are great, this is sth that is not disruptive enough to need to have an on/off option and people can decide if they want to do farming or not but berry bushes already have their own thing with gobblers Let them be, free the berry bushes, let's not bring berry covid into the game
  5. I love that this game doesn't hold your hand I wish there were more games like this. Having said that I struggled myself the same, and same as you I had 100+ hours played and kept dying from random stuff. All I can say is it takes practice and figuring it out how you want to play it. Personally, tutorials didn't help me, wiki did a bit, to learn about what each ithem does and how seasons work and so on. But in the end for me it was about figuring out which character suits my gameplay. It was wigfrid for me, tanky and conflict engaged character and ever since I picked her my gameplay improved, I was able to survive longer etc. Wickerbottom was great too in the beginning and she allowed me to progress as well. So basically find your playstyle and then it all picks up! edit; I also remember it helped me to switch to solo DS, I played like 300 hours there and then I came back to DST. So I guess I just got a lot of practice on how to survive
  6. Yes, one spawned in my pig city area and unfortunatelly he did not stand a chance my question is though, do these stay in game after winter's feast if we make a nice pen for them? What about gingerbread houses? do they stay in the world once they spawn?
  7. Hi @Vikt4, have you checked if it is in game already? You don't receive it as a present like a daily log in gift but it should be there in crafting tab to choose as a skin. I had the same issue thinking it will come as a gift but it was just added automatically and I can craft the tent skin. Good luck
  8. I brought a Tallbirg egg to Hamlet from Shipwrecked and attempted to hatch it. All went according to plan up to the point when Smallbird grew into a Smallish Tallbird/Teenbird. The Teenbird was following me but is now unable to leave the Slanty Shanty, no matter the distance I travel without him, he does not want to join me and remains in Slanty Shanty. He does continue to lose hunger and hp there if not fed. It wasn't an issue for smallbird stage. Smallbird could enter and exit slanty shanty freely. Teenbird may be too tall to squeeze through the door
  9. yep yep, waiting to build my coral reef empire :/
  10. as of today this is still happening, i started new shipwrecked game compatibile with hamlet but not linked. In the beginning I could hammer coral reef after mining it, and i collected three coral larva but ever since then i can't collect more. It is same issue as described above, i can interact with it when i have hammer but boat seems to never be able to get close enough, i am experiencing this with armoured boat, not sure if it's same with other boats.
  11. Same thing for me, although my world is not merged, it's a separate shipwrecked world and at first my meatballs would disappear when i tried to pick them up but now, the second day of this problem, everytime i do try to take meatballs from crock pot my game crashes, this does not happen however with other food that i cook on a crock pot so i am guessing it may be more about meatballs than crockpot. That happens even with all shipwrecked compatibile mods disabled.