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  1. I brought a Tallbirg egg to Hamlet from Shipwrecked and attempted to hatch it. All went according to plan up to the point when Smallbird grew into a Smallish Tallbird/Teenbird. The Teenbird was following me but is now unable to leave the Slanty Shanty, no matter the distance I travel without him, he does not want to join me and remains in Slanty Shanty. He does continue to lose hunger and hp there if not fed. It wasn't an issue for smallbird stage. Smallbird could enter and exit slanty shanty freely. Teenbird may be too tall to squeeze through the door
  2. Hammering in Boat

    yep yep, waiting to build my coral reef empire :/
  3. as of today this is still happening, i started new shipwrecked game compatibile with hamlet but not linked. In the beginning I could hammer coral reef after mining it, and i collected three coral larva but ever since then i can't collect more. It is same issue as described above, i can interact with it when i have hammer but boat seems to never be able to get close enough, i am experiencing this with armoured boat, not sure if it's same with other boats.
  4. Same thing for me, although my world is not merged, it's a separate shipwrecked world and at first my meatballs would disappear when i tried to pick them up but now, the second day of this problem, everytime i do try to take meatballs from crock pot my game crashes, this does not happen however with other food that i cook on a crock pot so i am guessing it may be more about meatballs than crockpot. That happens even with all shipwrecked compatibile mods disabled.
  5. the same thing happened to me when i was trying to hatch a robin in slanty shanty. I had full inventory and night time came so i wanted to pick up and move the egg closer to the fire pit. it did not go into my inventory as it was full but robin hatched mid air while being carried to fire pit. that resulted in two robins and two gizzard stones, no egg anymore though. One robin seems to have disappeared after a while but there are still two gizzard stones.
  6. Allmighty unreachable totem

    I experienced the same issue, and just like in the above picture the totem/truffle thingie is outside of any room and not accessible, when I enter the room under the icon i sort of see the totem on the wall but cannot interact with it. It happened in ruins leading to second pig village.