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  1. crafting menu is spectacular, very intuitive and easy to figure out
  2. Thank you, I mostly paint for myself and my friends at the moment since it takes a lot of time for one such mug to be made, around 3-5 days. That together with shipping costs would most likely not make it very attractive, but perhaps sometime in the future I may figure out a more efficient way of handling it
  3. here's an update with a new mug for this year's Halloween event
  4. Hi everyone! I combined my two hobbies (paint and play) and made a Wigfrid mug to sip from while I play DST. The ultimate comfort
  5. I tried, I also tried placing them before I even placed the tree (tree is the only thing I am able to place) and I disabled all moods since I suspected it may be because of mods but everytime same result, so I couldn't start my carnival experience yet edit: I checked bugs subforum and apparently it's a thing so have to wait for a fix most likely
  6. great update but I can't place any of the carnival games down, if i try my game crashes with a notification that I lost connection, anyone else having this?
  7. I had the same issue after update but restarting steam fixed it for me
  8. good job everyone, the deerclops costume may be my favourite, good fun and creativity
  9. Sent in mine, had to fabricate some Halloweeny decorations but I tried with what I had, can't wait to see other submissions, it will be as fun to watch them as preparing my own, seriously I'm too old to be enjoying this so much but thanks for the event! edit: ty, wx skin is great!
  10. This sounds like so much fun, we don't even celebrate Halloween where I live but I wanna par-take somehow, will try to think of sth Halloweeny
  11. Hi @Vikt4, have you checked if it is in game already? You don't receive it as a present like a daily log in gift but it should be there in crafting tab to choose as a skin. I had the same issue thinking it will come as a gift but it was just added automatically and I can craft the tent skin. Good luck
  12. I brought a Tallbirg egg to Hamlet from Shipwrecked and attempted to hatch it. All went according to plan up to the point when Smallbird grew into a Smallish Tallbird/Teenbird. The Teenbird was following me but is now unable to leave the Slanty Shanty, no matter the distance I travel without him, he does not want to join me and remains in Slanty Shanty. He does continue to lose hunger and hp there if not fed. It wasn't an issue for smallbird stage. Smallbird could enter and exit slanty shanty freely. Teenbird may be too tall to squeeze through the door