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  1. here's most of wilson's quotes. at the very least, it's not him constantly yelling about science.
  2. yeah! you can only have either the glorified lamp or the cheaper lightning rod. luckily, most people use two masts.
  3. Quite frankly, I'm disappointed that Klei would decide on partnering with Tencent, who own WeChat and often censor things and report private conversations to the police.
  4. Yeah, that's somewhat plausible. Still doesn't quite explain an abominably large amount of similarities between both Wilson and Webber. The way the both of them phrase things, for one. A lot of phrasing tends to be picked up from the environment?
  5. I don't like Tencent very much, but, given that Klei has given the license, I'd much rather take Klei's response on it compared to this. I'm just hoping they don't make MTX the main way to proceed in-game.
  6. webber is wilson's bastard child. (/light humor) in all seriousness, it's entirely probable that both the mother and wilson could have lived apart, and wilson may have moved at some point. additionally, webber explicitly mentions that his(? their?) father used to work on something like the AE. unless their vision is horrible, i don't think one would be able to mistake the AE for farm equipment?
  7. there was a joke idea somewhere about this being Wilson's fanfiction.
  8. not too keen on it, but, as long as they're, like. not making microtransactions the *only way to progress*...?
  9. i would literally rather have any harder stuff be opted into, aside from penalties to already eating while full + drowsiness mechanics previously mentioned. i'm, like, a bit of a noob but haven't figured out how to rush the dang ruins just yet, since, y'know, i haven't had a need to rush the ruins. hell, i still have trouble with deerclops but can figure out how to kite a treeguard / koalefant.
  10. logically, yes, they do happen after fighting the fuelweaver. given that wilson was featured in both animatics for the forge and gorge, and is in the first animatic for RoT, it does fuzzy things up a bit, as there's no possible way that he'd be absent during RoT. alternatively, alternate constants, given that more than one person can play as a character.
  11. Warly's lines for the new update (for the cracked pearl and Pearl's Pearl) hit harder when you realize that Maman Angeline will never get closure for her son / only caretaker disappearing. Winona also never got any closure for her sister up and disappearing. Wendy is also stuck grieving, and, interestingly enough, Maxwell and her seem to blame themselves a lot when Pearl's Pearl gets broken via the fight with the Crab King. At the very least, you can give some closure to Pearl.
  12. a specific mod that looks for food values tends to spawn a food item there, which then rots. i forget what the name of the mod is, but i'd suggest removing it and using Show Me instead.