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  1. that's a nice idea, but i don't think it's possible to run two 24/7 radios.
  2. mmmm, i've got a slight idea. maybe we could have overhangs and such that give us a small sort of shelter from rain? ik it's going to be finicky to get working with the current camera, but it'd be a nice thing along with the elevation changes.
  3. Return of Them stuff feels kind of optional in regards to supposedly being part of the core gameplay loop. The Bee Queen is a strictly optional boss that can be summoned by hammering a giant hive, and has small benefits for not defeating her as soon as she pops back up again in the form of free honey. Like, yeah, you can go out and get enough salt for a saltbox, but it's strictly optional and would probably only really benefit people that store ingredients in large batches or Warly players.
  4. don't think that's a good idea, as a lot of DST is more towards co-operation.
  5. the boat kit inventory icon probably didn't load correctly. that's about all i can gather, can we get a mod list?
  6. buy their skins so we can get more cinematics. /joke
  7. rat time rat time rat time.
  8. me, a wilson main, who dies every so often but is actually decent enough at the game to go on hunts
  9. Unfortunate Screencaps

    don't ask me how the cracks on the oxygen got there.
  10. Damaged Nat Gas

    something that isn't natural gas is probably getting into the ventilation. scrub out every single pipe when possible.
  11. Unfortunate Screencaps

    you'd think that these traits wouldn't go hand-in-hand. (i'm talking about the irritable bowel + iron gut combo.)
  12. i'm aware, but it's a pain in the arse to manage while my duplicants are constantly trying to get their breath back.
  13. then it makes your base completely unbreathable. have sealed it off, pretty much, but chlorine will probably cause a very very slow death to my duplicants. hell, i'll take an outbreak of slimelung over this.
  14. VR version of DST plz

    the first person mod is close enough.
  15. does it do the same thing if you're in windowed mode? if not, then just stay in windowed mode.