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  1. i turn them off in case they cause any performance issues, plus i'm not too keen on having my in-game performance (not the FPS) get screwed just because i misjudged where something was due to screen distortion / shaking effects. other people might have other reasons, potentially relating to epilepsy / eye conditions / brain conditions.
  2. i don't play woodie, so the info there would be useless to me, personally. i'm fairly certain that woodie's update came out before the compendium.
  3. quit putting words in my mouth. i never said that mods were the answer to absolutely everything. i am simply stating that the OP can easily host their own server and do whatever the hell they'd like with it.
  4. part of the charm of the game is that the lore isn't in-your-face, though. additionally, this game is a roguelike / roguelite -- a lot of the games within this category require either some memorization or wiki-scouring. the compendium; while not exactly my sort of thing, so i haven't really checked it since the update that added it in; is pretty useful to players that wanted that sort of functionality in the first place. you keep putting words into my mouth. i'm not going to enter one of those 'debates' with you.
  5. that seems more like a you problem if you don't want to go read a bunch of wiki pages. which i can't entirely blame you for, given that there's often a bit too much information to take in all at once. i'm not even implying that everyone has to go and read the wiki, but a fair amount of players will probably discover the wiki after wanting to learn more about the game. it might help if Klei added in multiple inspection quotes, but that's likely not something they're going to do for the forseeable future, considering a lot of inspection quotes are pretty much just for flavour. additionally, you still have to *craft* the cookbook. i think it'd be neat if the game got wiki compatibility, ala World of Warcraft, but I highly doubt that's going to be even remotely possible, given limitations within the 32-bit structure + engine limitations.
  6. plus the OP of this thread could easily just host their own server with their own mods. the Klei Survival servers aren't going to install mods just for you, OP.
  7. people tend to use the wiki once they've become acquainted with the game.
  8. Oh, so it's related to the hover-over function thingy? I thought just placing it down would crash the game.
  9. There's only so much modding you can do with roughly 4 GB of RAM.
  10. I really don't mind the new style for Warly's portraits. Hell, most other characters could use some touch-ups to their older portraits, you know? Also, artists aren't always going to be consistent, especially when you're working in a team and styles vary from artist to artist.
  11. I genuinely don't care about Warbucks and think it was right for him to be removed. From what I could tell, his mechanics didn't entirely mesh well, even with Hamlet. You have mods for this sort of thing, mods which are usually updated to the beta branch by now. Alternatively, make your own mod. Hell if I know.