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  1. wilson wears an ankle monitor in the newhome trailer.
  2. literally did not notice the OP and thought these were official.
  3. politely gestures towards, GOG and Epic Games.
  4. I'm not fond of the majority stake being purchased by Tencent for obvious reasons relating to ethics and Tencent essentially being a monopoly. While I'm glad that this will hopefully provide financial backing, I'm not too sure how to put it into words that things *will* change given that Tencent owns more than 50% of the company. (I believe the stake purchased was about 60%, correct me if I'm wrong.)
  5. i have no idea what chester even likes in the first place.
  6. naw, he's just roleplaying as a taxidermy mount because maxwell needed the flair. he gets ice cream out of it, probably.
  7. same hat, mines. ...i guess you could say we're kinning that man. (/humor) anyways, actual confession: I burnt my friend's Codex Umbra within an in-character server.
  8. for the love of god please help me (this meme isn't even joking. i lag all the damn time due to being in a different country to my friends. internet connections + overseas + lag = bad time.)
  9. I've no idea if this meme has already been made. Currently stuck on a trackpad for now, but better memes will be coming.
  10. do mods have to be updated for hotfixes? clients that join my server seem to be having issues downloading mods...
  11. inevitable iceberg image approaches. be prepared (/humor)