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  1. It happened at the same spot again and this time I deconstructed the isolation tile beneath letting the undigable debris fall one tile. This made the debris digable.
  2. Maybe related error; automation connectors for the command module also "stay in hangar" while on flight mission.
  3. Debris from meteor shower fell down from opening bunker doors in space and entombed the rocket engine. Duplicant is trying to dig it away without success, just standing firing and gets no change to debris tile. The second debris tile is also locked. After saveing and a restart of game a third debris tile occured on top and dig errand worked on all three debris tiles. When this have happened before at other locations I have resolved the locked debris tile by canceling dig errand and digging a tile below instead. It seems a change to the tile like falling a step or more unlocks it and make the debris digable. This time both tiles were undigable and I never tried to make the debris fall again by deconstructing tiles beneath. I'll try that if it happens again. Besieged Spacepad.sav