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  1. Highest priority, plenty of dirt, plenty of farmers, but still ignoring the farmplot. Happens all the time. Only fix I found is uprooting and replanting.
  2. No steam or water escapes from the geyser, even with a completely sealed room.
  3. The geyser says it's emitting steam, but no steam shows up and the water level is constant.
  4. When using oxygen diffusers, does the "max gas pressure" message and the constant turning on/off waste any resources? Or can I just leave it powered on, ignoring the message?
  5. My own testing does not agree - just tried your design concept and it takes a couple of seconds to empty the room, and chlorine gas slipped through after a few uses. You probably don't have the same amount of traffic I do. I avoid water locks because they don't block heat. I want to keep the temperatures at different levels. I also try to avoid them because they feel abusing the system. But I guess it's either water locks or waiting for transport tubes and sealing off the room.
  6. The atmo sensor makes sure the inner doors shut off, så no duplicant runs through while the room is filled with gas... And also activates the pump, but I guess that step is pointless.
  7. So, I'm trying to design a vacuum based airlock, to block gases and temperature from passing... But I keep running into problems with the pumps inefficiency. I tried this design with 3 airlocks, but I still have a lot of problems with duplicants trying to enter and leave and task being canceled all the time... Anyone got ideas for making something more time efficient? Is water locks the only really viable option for high traffic airlocks?
  8. You biggest annoyances?

    The absolutely worst is the duplicant AI, and especially the way storage is implemented, where the duplicants don't deliver the goods to the nearest storage. Fixed temperature output magic machines are also very high on my annoying list.
  9. Okay - I guess the team just has a very different design approach than what I initially thought.
  10. I never complained about a cheat item - I complain about the inconsistency and counter-intuitive way the game implements certain items central to heat management, an element the game seems to focus on and enforce in the gameplay. In my eyes this is bad game design - I try to deal with the heat problem by introducing cold water to my base, but the game magically turns that cold water into 40 degrees water, no matter how cold it was before. Some modder changing number around doesn't take care of this problem for me, and especially since now my electrolysis requires no heat management - a gameplay feature that seemed interesting to me. But whatever - you're humor is strange. All of you seem very certain the developers won't change this - is there somewhere the developers write anything about this?
  11. Seems so weird to me to make heat management such a central feature of the game only to completely undercut it with something like this. The dynamic temrature mods feels too much like cheating at this point.
  12. My water sieve totally destroys my cool slush geyser. I can delete heat with it too. Why on earth would you make it work this way? Seems counter-intuitive to the game logic.
  13. A building that would storage clothes and force duplicants to wear a specific outfit when passing - just like the exosuits. That would make clothing useful without being a micromanagement hell.
  14. I like the new disease system much better than the old one - but giving my guy slimelung before I even get into contact with the germ might be a little too aggressive...
  15. Thanks for all the help. I'll try to get back into the game after release and work on my priorities. Using gravity to control where the debris drops also seem like something that would help me - after all, that's usually what I do with the starting water.