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  1. Duplicants refuse to fertilize these farm plot even though I have lots of dirt. I keep having to uproot and re-plant. In both cases, it seems like there was delivered a very small amount of dirt tot he plot, and then the plant stops generating tasks.
  2. Did... Did they just fix the water sieve? I never thought this day would come... I'm way happier about this than what makes any rational sense... This game does weird things to my brain...
  3. Especially silly in a Shine Bug ranch, which of cause needs an unplugged lamp in the corner...
  4. Great update - still not perfect. Gives me confidence that the developers are taking the core issues seriously. If they keep working on the heat management, gas flow, and task systems, I think this game might end up being one of the best game I own. Thanks
  5. The charts are ridiculously zoomed in. Can't scroll sideways.
  6. I found this invisible flying tree in my base. It disappeared when I uprooted it - unfortunately not leaving any acorn behind. The Golden Fortress Cycle 13.sav
  7. Get ready to copy paste the bulletpoint into the next update... Still not working...
  8. Arbor trees require phosphorite to grow domestically - I assume this is why there is phosporite patch in the forest starting biome. Unfortunately - they only contain 10 kg of material each, making them completely useless.
  9. Since forever we have always gotten a buried starting hatch a little to the west of the portal. This is also true for the new starting biome. Is this an intentional feature?
  10. I think this problem occurred when I stashed an acorn seed in the storage bin furthers to the left - the game then made a visual copy of that seed... Maybe...
  11. The game doesn't seem to recognize this acorn seed. Didn't observe how it happened. Chaosium.sav
  12. Here is a save with another example of this problem, although a bit different. The microbe musher refuses to produce the last listed item, even thou there's free access to water. Ad Hoc Wetlands.sav