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  1. When you have to choose a printable and if you won't choose anyone (and won't reject printables) and go to main menu, then loading save again the printables will be different. I'm pretty sure that it's exploit and you should fast change it because this bug is from 2 weeks :/
  2. I'm pretty sure that the piko's shouldn't steal the teleportato "things". Can you please change it klei?
  3. Its same save slot as here and only 1 thing: WTF KLEI???? i dont think its normal (please say klei that this isnt normal :O) i was alive cause i runed on godmode
  4. Is this normal? i wasnt using any mods on more skeletons or somthing like that, or im actually wrong and they added normal boulders to hamlet (with gold) so um actually someone can reply if its normal or bug cause idk -_-