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  1. About temperature i really have no problem at all, i built the grubgrub farms near a temperate slime biome. I didn't screenshoted everything about my second planet but i have a cooling system for my sulfur: Ovrall my goal is to be fast at colonizing planets and going far into the game, My main base can look messy sometimes Other screenshots:
  2. I play a survival game actually and this is what i have done so far: Tell me what you think of it : second planet: Starmap:
  3. ;I usually use it in every game with 3 4 steam engine. It gives me the little extra power i need in mid game before nuclear power
  4. I have thiis bug too.... i lauched my first rocket into space for research so it was just 1 tile from the planet. When i tried to land it, it never worked, nzither from the ground nor from the rocket
  5. About automation we need like an interplanetary automation who can allow us to send signal between planet, it could solve a lot. The other point is automation about rockets, we need autopilot and good automation on rocket status and auto launch
  6. When i launch my rocket it always crash after a few second. Have tried to delay it and various things, i can't find what is the reason of the crash.
  7. In ONI you don't have a "goal" to win the game so you just play as you want without looking at youtube or the forum to see the most optimal way of playing. what is fun in this game is to find your own way of solving issues about food temperature, oxygen,... you learn by playing a lot and then maybe sometimes you look at youtube to see new solution and it's quite fun and amazing to see how other players solved the problem. That's my way of playing and i don't find DLC really much more difficult than vanilla, some stuff like electricity management are much more easy in DLC than in vanilla.
  8. Hello. I can't destroy my Gas cargo canister without a crash. I tried many things but nothing seems to work Factory Cycle 328.sav
  9. My rocket is licking oxygen outside for no reason: Save / load fixed the problem so it's no big deal until i noticed it. I think it comes from my dupes who went on rampage inside
  10. I confirm thid a 100%. It happens since last patch and nothing to do with destroying / building modules. Sometimes reloding fix this but the bug seems to be coming back after some time
  11. Sometimes dupes can't enter rockets, they have all clearance to enter rockets but they just wait infinitly at the entrance of the rocket until they die: I had the bug on an other rocket and planet a bit before and i solved it by destroying and rebuilding twice a module. SAVE / LOAD doesn't solve it The Ironic Planet Cycle 179.sav
  12. The images of the planets are all the same:
  13. Little bug, 2 unknown tiles i can't dig I have a strange issue with irrigation, i can't figure out what is wrong so for me it's a bug: y plants have polluted water in but they are not irrigated all the time. i have to reload to fix the pb each time
  14. i have same bug. 100% with this