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  1. Pipes cause crash

    i have same bug. 100% with this
  2. [Game Update] - 324933

    Hello, Here are my feelings on this patch after playing 2 games to cycle 100: - Skill system: i feel it's ok. Just i feel that now it's way to easy to deal with the dupes morale. The tier system was not that bad to balance that. You can completely avoid getting better food for a very long time now. Something feels wrong and it's too easy. -The new immune system: I feel really annoyed about this system. Especially about slime lung. In the previous system it was possible to avoid slime lung if you dug in slime smartly. Now it's full random and impossible to avoid. I know that if i dig in the slime biome i will have most of my dupes sick. The cure to slimelung with its current formula is clearly too hard to get in early mid game, you can't get easily enought balm lily (not enought on the map or too hard to get chlorine to farm it) - The pills are much more interesting than before but are really annoying to manage, it would be nice to have like the "forever" button a possibility to have a "until you reach X" button. In conclusion: there are some ideas but it needs tuning Few bugs: - in the skill screen when you have like 10 or more dupes, you can't see their stats properly for the one at the bottom of the list, plse fix that ;). - Each time i click on the "skill pojnt earned" button on the left of the map it crash (since last QOL3 update)
  3. If i read this patch note well, there is no need to create a new game to benefit all the new content?