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  1. Did this break existing saves? "An error occured, please restart the game" on all of my saves now.
  2. Buildings like the stable and medic bay keep saying they are outside of the stable or hospital, but I can see the room bonus is being applied in the overlay, and I have a light. Seems like this update broke some building.
  3. @Cairath It seems that Wireless Automation makes the game crash in QoL mk3. It's one of the best mods out of the bunch, and the only one so far that doesn't seem to work.
  4. @Cairath The Pharma Chambers are still very broken with woundedgo2bed mod. They kill any FPS; I've tested this on 3 computers, and as soon as dupes go into the chamber game performance tanks into single digits. This using only your mods. I'm trying to see if I can repro in a test map, but so far it only seems to happen in survival mode. Not sure if it's due to pathing issues, but I basically can't use the pharma chambers at all.
  5. Like would you be able to keep the dll folder? Not sure about others but I just clone your repo locally and just pull updates. Makes it easier to drop in updated mods.
  6. I did a git pull and it deleted all the dlls, was it supposed to move everything onto the zip files? Anyway I figured it out - if you build with granite it's transparent. Other materials work OK.
  7. @Cairath Tempshift textures are still broken. I just started a brand new save today with both of your updated DLLs, and I'm having the same issue.
  8. Have you tested the Pharma chambers with my previous save? I could not for the life of me get rid of the slowdown until I removed them and replaced with beds. Also on that note, can you make Pharma chambers heal more than regular beds? From what I can tell they are the same, which doesn't justify the use of electricity.
  9. The problem is that all drywall textures have disappeared, like even normal drywall that I had never touched. It's all transparent, even if you rebuild with only the wall mod. This also applies to the temp shift plates. Removing and re-building doesn't fix it. Someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words...
  10. Removed Drywall and Tempshift Hide Pipes Separate Objects and replaced with Wallpaper mod, now all drywall is transparent an does not seal spaces. This persists even if I remove and add drywall again.
  11. @Cairath I still have the issue where the Pharma Chambers kill the game FPS (into single digits), however it takes a few minutes for it to appear. Once it happens it gets gradually worse to where the game is unplayable. Pausing the game returns FPS to normal levels until unpaused, and also if I move all dupes into different chambers it temporarily fixes the performance drop. I've attached my output_log, but I don't see anything in there. I can reproduce this 100% of the time in my save. Removing woundedgotobed mod seems to fix it, but hard to tell since you can't heal physical injuries and restarting the game temporarily fixes the issue. output_log.txt
  12. I'm not removing in debug. I'm simply trying to deconstruct as part of normal gameplay. I tried making sure the pipes are empty but it still crashes about a minute after. The gas flow splitter behaves the same way.
  13. @Cairath Is there a way to remove flow splitters without causing the game to crash? Whenever I delete this water flow splitter that is empty, the game crashes shortly after.
  14. Not sure if this is an issue with the mod or a bug with the Pharma chamber, but whenever I have more than one dupe in it my FPS tanks from 60+ FPS to about 20. Each additional dupe then lowers FPS by 1-2.