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  1. Thank you very much and sorry for the late response. I decided to stop playing RoG for a while since I was a bit stressed out with it (clearly haha) but I've become so excited with both Hamlet and Shipwrecked (specially Hamlet, I must say) that I forgot about it. Anyway, I'm really grateful for the tips and I'll use them next time I play for sure! You made me realize some mistakes I've been making, I've never built a second base just for Summer and now I can see that might help me a lot. I think my main problem really was not being prepared enough for the season, but I'm also glad I'm not the only one who finds it a little boring I'm just not sure if I'll be able to avoid Dragonfly at first. I'm always so excited to fight bosses, after all they are the main reason I decided to buy RoG in the first place! But I'll be sure to remember what you did if I feel like I'm not prepared enough. Again, thanks a lot for your answer, it really helped me out!
  2. Hello! I'm not a new Don't Starve player, but I hadn't played the game for more than two years until about a month ago. I bought the mega pack plus on Steam very recently since it was on sale and I'm having some trouble with RoG. As much as I love it and all the new stuff it adds, I always die at the first summer between days 65-70 and it's really making me frustrated! I feel like going back to vanilla every time I die and sometimes I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the new stuff, but at the same time I want to experience everything the DLC has to offer! I also always get bored during summer since I'm too busy trying to survive and keep my world's resources safe from burning up that I can't do anything else, and my efforts always seem useless because I just... die lmao Do you guys have any tips on this matter? How can I make my gameplay better? Thanks on advance and please excuse me for any mistakes, English is not my first language!