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  1. The turbine does not work, despite the sufficient temperature and vapor pressure. Disassembly and assembly of the turbine helps anew - it starts to work. steam temperature 328. steam volume in the cell under the turbine 127 kg. Временная Сточная Труба Cycle 530.sav
  2. In addition to the previous bug: there is another one on the same map. perhaps bugs are interrelated. In the first bug, I showed how fish block the path. Perhaps this prevents the game from building the right paths, and duplicants are blunt because of this. Duplicatents do nothing! Or endlessly doing the same thing (in an endless cycle, they try to put 26 milligrams of mushrooms in storage!!). It seems that they are confused about priorities. They just stand or hang on the stairs and that's it. On some days this happens with half or more of all duplicants ! Especially often stupid - Лейра and Девон. Accordingly, nothing is done. I will have to start a new game, because constantly monitor every duplikant, every day, get bored: Покрытая Слизью Ферма.sav
  3. Also. If you choose a duplicant and order him to move to the site of the excavation, then he CAN go to the place where the pacu is hanging, but no further! Do you see? Paku blocks the way up the stairs.
  4. For some reason, underwater excavations are marked as inaccessible. Покрытая Слизью Ферма.sav
  5. Duplicants try to transfer the fungus to the stove for 26 milligrams. I tried to appoint different duplicants as a cook. They are stuck in an endless cycle and do not cook anything. Темнейшая Космическая Берлога.sav