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  1. I mean event what will trigger after host on player hosted server left the server
  2. Anyone knows how to connect to api with dont starve mod, and use get, post, put, delete functions?
  3. Can you write example of POST usage? i have tried TheSim:QueryServer( "http://localhost:3000/api/lobby/post/param/param/param/param/param/param/param/param/param", function(json, isSuccess, code) if(isSuccess) then print(json) print(code) end end, "POST" ) but its executing GET method
  4. Hey, im working on api to get DST server info and send it to discord bot, is there way to access api via DST mod?
  5. i found copy of website on wayback machine, here is link
  6. I changed ghost resolution and setup pivot, most of animations looks good but when im haunting something, animation is glitching and it looks like that, for a 1 or 2 seconds.
  7. Last time i added new part to ghost, without adding new animations but i dont remember how i did it and i think it should be public to help anyone who wants modify ghost themself.
  8. I mean adding new parts to custom character sprite like ears or something other, it looks ok in spriter but doesnt changing after export.
  9. Anyone knows any official or unofficial DS/T api docs, cuz old got down.