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  1. Damn! Turn order. Whoops! Of course both guards would take the outside. Hang on, though - if they both take the outside, you don't have to worry about melee ambush in the first place. Both north and south would miss you; east and west would spot you, but you can dodge their Overwatch by moving directly from (-1,0) to (1,0):
  2. But sprinting to (3,0) is so cool! How about...? Sprint to (3,0), drawing the attention of guards at (3,5) and (3,-5). Toggle sprint off. Instead of moving back to (-2,0), move to (-1,0). Set melee ambush. [I know it's cheating to mention a Neural Disrupter this late, but I'm interested in whether this could work.] Wishful thinking: Guard 1 (North) paths to (0,0), i.e. between cover; you KO him. Guard 2 (South) paths to (3,-3), i.e. around cover. West Guard opens the door, spotting you, stopping at (-5,0). East Guard opens the door, spotting you, stopping at (5,0). You escape to (1,0). [(-1,0) is also possible.] ALARM +2, sure, but you live to fight another day. Crazy? Or godlike?
  3. @Hekateras Thanks for noticing the noughts and crosses @Nxf7 In the interest of Jewish Wisdom, I have more questions! To clarify: "peripheral vision". The guard's peripheral vision is turned off while turning, i.e. at (4,0) and (3,1), hence failing to see Agent 1 hiding at (4,2). "adjacency". However, Agent 2 hiding at (4,1) would get spotted, not because of peripheral vision but because she is adjacent to the guard at (3,1). I really like this idea of sprinting to provoke a reaction from the guards; better to know where they are going than to not know where they are. Suppose I draw the attention of guards at (3,5) and (3,-5) by sprinting to (3,0). Where should I move now?
  4. Assuming there could be any number of guards behind all four doors, what move is the least likely to get you shot?