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  1. That's pretty sad. While I thought that datamined content would eventually run out, I didn't think it would be this soon.
  2. rog+sw+hamlet?

    You can link up a RoG world with SW or HAM when you create it. If you link it with SW you will only have access to SW and RoG. However, if you link it to HAM, you can build the Skyworthy and travel to both HAM and SW. SO in conclusion, link your worlds to HAM.
  3. A New Reign For Single Player

    I mean, you could just say that it isn't cannon, or it's a alternate timeline or something.
  4. Thread for absurd ideas

    I love that idea! I would love to see characters talk to each other, it would be very entertaining to see, say, Maxwell talking with Wilson, or hear Warly complaning that there aren't any gourmet restaurants to Wickerbottom, and so on. Only problem I can see is that you would need a LOT of food to keep everyone alive.
  5. While I do believe that thpse are very impressive recolors, we should get this tread back on track to the topic of data mining.
  6. I was farming Purple Gems and when I threw a Twig in the End's Well, instead of Nightmare Creature, I got a purple gem as if I had thrown Nightmare Fuel in. Is this a bug or is there a rare chance to get a Purple Gem from non-Nightmare Fuel items?
  7. [Game Update] - 309895

    Sure is a good thing I got a stack of Purple Gems earlier today... will have to sustain myself by selling berries I guess
  8. Thread for absurd ideas

    Gosh, that would be painful. Imagine forgeting the Herald ruins Map and there's 2 days until the Aporklapse starts?
  9. Thread for absurd ideas

    I guess, call it StarveCity
  10. grass is invading my jungle

    I'm pretty sure the floral shop only sells berry bushes.
  11. Hamlet Seasons Ideas

    Thta's a really good suggestion! I was brainstorming ideas that would fit a tropical rainforest, and droughts came to mind, but a mud season would also be very appropiate and, like the other seasons in HAM, wouldn't be a rehash of Spring or Summer.
  12. Hamlet Seasons Ideas

    Alright then, no spontaneous combustions.
  13. Hamlet Suggestions Thread

    Those are some really cool suggestions! I love them!
  14. Hamlet Seasons Ideas

    Rabid Beetles are cool and all, the problem is that they come in such big numbers that FPS drops even in good computers and they kill everything that dares to approach them, making Flytaps, Hippotamooses and the like extinct. I'm not ashamed to say I always turn them off in World Settings.