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  1. Maybe a endgame smelter that takes lots of insulation and steel to build and that draws something like, 5 kW of power that can melt things like Regolith and Abyssalite?
  2. I think we are supposed to assume that Maxwell keeps his matchstick body and the other survivors are normal people sized, just look like chibi size for gameplay/style reasons.
  3. [Game Update] - 322646

    Oh, so THAT is what happened. I don't know if it's just me, but seeing those small Butterfly Wings, just feels wrong. I think I'm just used to seeing them bigger.
  4. On Examination Quotes

    One quote that makes me inexplicably happy is Wickerbottom examing Bones: "Remains of a life well lived".
  5. Oh, I heard that they had a special attack against the Shadow Creatures. Thanks anyway!
  6. [Game Update] - 313352

    Gee whiz, went to check the forums to see if the update already released, and lo and behold, I get here just in time!
  7. Can anyone provide the Iron Hulks damaging Shadow creatures animation? I've read about it in the wiki but never saw it.
  8. On Examination Quotes

    One of my favourites is Warly examining Seafood Gumbo- "Incredible! Just like Nana used to make!". I also find all of the Steamed Ham Sandwich quotes pretty funny. Can't forget Wolfgang's quote when examining the Silliy Monkey Ball- "Haha! Stupid monkey men."
  9. [Game Update] - 311861

    Thanks for fixing the Mant overpopulation- My world is covered with the suckers
  10. Screenshot showcase

    Pogs throwing all the loot in the clouds, although it's floating and I could retrieve it. A charming family picture. I didn't know Dung Beetles were suited to traverse both land and water. How interesting!
  11. Screenshot showcase

    Partners in crime
  12. wow, I never thought about that- It actually makes so much sense