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  1. What do y'all think of woodie?

    I know, I was just agreeing with you and then lamenting about it not being in the game. Poor phrasing I guess.
  2. QoL2 (pls Klei)

    I feel pretty iffy about adding DST content (especially mobs and items) to DS since it retcons the lore, and I really don't like retcons, like what they did with Ewecus. I know most people don't care about lore or whatnot, and the devs could simply say that it's not cannon. Maybe have an option in World Settings to enable certain DST mobs and features? I still feel like it wold take away from some of DST's uniqueness in a sense. Although I agree that QoL changes do need to be ported over. And some structures couldn't hurt either.
  3. What do y'all think of woodie?

    Now that you mention it Werebeaver should totally be a ble to swim in Lily Ponds and Shallow Oceans! Such a missed opurtunity...
  4. Where is everyone at

    Honestly I just play alone most of the time. There are almost always some pub servers without TOO much lag availble, but it's either Summer or Winter in that server, the server gets reset every 20 days, or there's nothing to do in there since there's a megabase somewhere.
  5. A minor change that I think would benefit him is that he neither gains or loses Sanity from eating foods. That would make sense, since he is a robot and doesn't experience taste, pain or is affected by mushrooms.
  6. I've suggested the same thing, it would give more of an incentive to base at the Hamlet (Somthing Klei clearly wants, since they Pogs steal your stuff, impssible to base at Dense Rainforest due to Jungle Ferns, easier access to shops and trading if you are basing in the Shanty,and Brambles as well.
  7. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    Hmmm, you are right. Maybe have some kind of Full Moon moonstone Hounds that drop Moon Rocks? I hink something special, because Full Moons are pretty rare in DST. (Thanks for the compliment! Nice to see someone finnally acknowledging it! I also really like your Shadow Watcher profile picture, I just love Shadow Creatures!)
  8. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    If a hound wave happens during a full moon, all hounds will be replaced by werepigs.
  9. On Ranged Weapons

    There needs to be some change to Blowdarts. I think being able to craft the Reed Tube (5 Reeds, 2 Rope, unlimited durability), a weapon you can hold in your hand slot. If you have any blowdarts in your inventory, there will be a prompt to attack. If not, the item is useless. New Blowdart recipes: normal Blowdarts take 2 Jet Feathers (so you can craft them year round), a Stinger and 2 Twigs to craft, and gives you 2 Blowdarts when you craft it. Sleep Darts take 2 Azure Feathers, 2 Stingers and a 2 Twigs. Fire Darts now take 2 Crimson Feathers, 1 Charcoal and 2 Twigs. They now cook Meat that drops from mobs AND not reduce other drops to Ashes.
  10. I would like if her lighter received a buff and was crafted with Cut Stone, Gold and Slurtle Slime.
  11. Stronger Late-game Hound Attacks

    Was it Unnatural Selection? Is it still in development?
  12. Really? Wow, his only downside is that he takes 0.5 damage per second while wet? That's ridiculous.
  13. Oh, so THAT is what happened. I don't know if it's just me, but seeing those small Butterfly Wings, just feels wrong. I think I'm just used to seeing them bigger.
  14. That would make him extremely hard to play during the early game- you can't craft even a Spear in one day. Maybe 2-3 items per day?
  15. I really like the idea of losing sanity when extinguishing fires. Maybe the Fligos and Ice Staff would have a negative sanity aura?