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  1. @jacques After I reading your comment about it I created 2 test worlds to confirm your statement. Honestly, I did not test the posibility this is really feature because sometimes I watch Glermz's streams and I never saw this happening to Glermz when he using Moon Rock Idol. So in my test worlds with commands I upgrade forest's Florid Postern into Celestial Portal. Then I learn some Crafting recipes and run one way a little bit. After those I used the Moon Rock Idol to change character. My new character knew the Crafting recipes and my Map exploration progress. So I think your statement not true after all what I see. I played more in this world about 50 days. I found two more clues which confirm that the game behaved like I "re-started" in this world with my Day count and my buildings in there. This clues are hounds/worms wave and my death. After the incident I went to underground I was there about 25 days. I only got 2 worms wave with 1 worm in it and I had to wait longer than I used to wait for them but after 400+ days I usually get 3-5 worms. On the upperworld I had to wait longer for hounds wave than I used to wait for them and I only got 4 hounds but after 400+ days I usually get 8-10 hounds. When I died, it only wrote how many days I survive with that charachter and not that how many days I survived at all. I mean I survived 519 days and instead it wrote I survived 50+ days. But I still live I used Life Giving Amulet.
  2. I started my game with Wolfgang when Forgotten Knowledge update came out. I started in the caves after lots of days I upgraded my forest portal into Celestial Portal. Then on Day 460+ I offered Moon Rock Idol to change character. I chose Warly after this I was in the caves's Florid Postern without my Map exploration progress, without any prototyped Crafting recipes. My first thought was this is some sort of feature and this only happening when I choose different character. Then after I finished everything I wanted I changed back to Wolfgang. I experienced a same thing like with Warly. I read things about offering on wiki so this is why I think this is bug. I use mods but I do not think they can do such thing like this. If it can help I think when I gave Moon Rock Idol, the game behaved like I started this game again but my 460+ days and my buildings stayed. I hope someone could help or devs could fix this. I do not really want to make new world to fix that issue because I really like this world and I finally managed to do end game things.