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  1. It seems that using the Electric Grill uses, or at least levels, your Tinkering skill instead of Cooking. I have a dupe who has been my only Cook (only one able to use the Grill) for over 300 cycles, and he has only 7 in Cooking, and 20 in Tinkering; my only maxed tinkerer! Another user has had a dedicated cook for more than 900 cycles and sees the same; Tinkering 20 and Cooking 9. I can see this issue was reported and fixed regarding the microbe musher back in 2017, but this happens to the Grill now.
  2. Hats

    Somewhat yes, but afaik you can choose the skill and the hat in one go by clicking the hat icon next to the dupe, instead of the big one at the top (that one has the behaviour you describe). That the two menus don't act the same is definitely the bug
  3. Having some trouble with farm tiles which I will describe below. Scenario: Build a farm tile and plant a mushroom seed. Want to set the farm tile (container) priority low for the sweeper, high for the Harvest command for dupes. Problem: The priority between the crop and the farm tile are linked when first built. If I set harvest priority 9, the tile also gets 9, and vice versa: Setting Tile priority 2 gives the harvest action a 2 also. Solution: Save, go to main menu and load the game again - suddenly you can set harvest and tile priority to different values, currently the desired 9 for harvesting and 2 for the tile so the sweeper can do its thing. It seems like they are linked until a reload happens, from where it works perfectly fine. As if it only breaks if it's freshly built.