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  1. That would be a much better idea actually, not being able to get gold as easilly is a good downside and I think replacing the trinkets that are completly useless is the best option.
  2. I think Wurt should be able to trade with the merm king using trinkets (and maybe tentacle spots) for a small amount of gold ( half of what pig king gives). Currently The merm king gives trinkets that are completly useless for Wurt (I think?) as she can not trade with pig king and not having an easy source of infinite gold is a HUGE downside, This would give a use to the trinkets and give another thing Wurt can give to the team, a gold source you can place in your base. For most people The merm king is a mid to late game item so no trading with pig king is still a good downside. And most importantly it gives a reason to keep a Wurt around because without the perishable glasses that you cant stockpile before switching (unless you use bundling wraps that are OP anyways) you cant trade with the merm king or feed him.
  3. All things Wurt

    No damage boost, only stats.
  4. The little baby monkeys could be befriended by Webber and Wilbur to make them more unique.
  5. Thanks!! More options for skins are always great
  6. How do the other characters refer to Wormwood, he,she or it( like Wx?)
  7. I mean the way they are placed, it happens with a bunch of other shoes too
  8. Are those feet intended??
  9. Sprinkles is a beast, you can make most crops grow in less than a day.
  10. Weird Headcannons

    Spider wars are caused by the spider half of Webber to help his friends survive, our sweet and innocent spider loving child has no idea where all that monster meat is coming from and he has done NOTHING wrong.
  11. I think the tip of the royal staff looks kind of like a rock egg, and that is why the BFB stole it
  12. The green gem´s element is labour while the orange gem´s element is sloth That is why winona dislikes the orange gem, she is obsessed with work.
  13. Construction would make sense for Wormwood too i guess, he has a green gem inside so he has construction powers (the green thumb items)
  14. He doesn´t say anything interesting about yellow gems though
  15. I think green gems are related to working (because orange gems are lazyness) instead of creation, so maybe Wormwood was made for a specific purpose, maybe related to the fountain of youth.