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  1. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    For monster meat dung beatles are by far the best option, when BFB arrives try to make him poop near your base and you will have chitin and monster meat forever
  2. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    If you dont mind some drops burning you can group them up and coconade them off ( you can buy coconades from the weapon shop)
  3. Maybe they could change them to work kinda like nettles on hamlet, either only plantable on moon turf and make it so you HAVE to craft the turf or only being able to be harvested during Full Moon or something.
  4. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    Honestly I just want them to let us use more decoration for the cities, we can´t even put the hedges with the key to the city
  5. I think Willows rework is just a lot harder than the others, not only was she really weak from the start but it is probably really hard to adapt a firestarter character to team play, I still believe Klei is going to do a great job with the rest of the characters.
  6. Explosives would be a cool way for Willow to help her team
  7. I believe that the Willow rework should focus more on her pyroMANIAC side, she is by far the most insane of all the characters and because of that her playstyle should revolve around staying insane instead of avoding it. While sane she should have less bonus stats ( the fire immunity, resistance to overheat etc...) and fire, instead of rising her sanity should decrease it because being near fire woud make her obsession with it more intense. While insane she would get a huge fire related buff like being fully inmune to it, being able to catch in fire and making her target catch on fire too etc.. this would also make Bernie have a bigger synergy with Willow protecting her from the shadows while she has fun with her fire and raising her sanity when the player is done. Of course something has to be done with the insanity noises that many players can`t stand (myself included), she could get her own insanity noises and screen filter (they could be fire based like ashes dissipating or flames flickering I dunno). I think something that could increase the value of Willow for her team could be making some weaker explosives that wouldn´t catch anything on fire but could serve for area damage, maybe a version of the flask from the Forge and some firecrackers that could serve as traps to stun lock enemys and that will not affect Willow as long as she is insane. TL DR: Willow should get benefits for being insane and some cool explosives to share with her team.
  8. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    I want the limited vision to stay, it is part of what makes the character unique, but it doesn´t just make the vision worst, it hurts to look at maybe they could change it for an effect similar to the fog but a little more transparent.
  9. I think it would be cool if you could herd spiders. If you fed them enough they would join your "herd" they would follow you around much longer but you will have to feed them to keep them happy, if a spider is happy it would start producing silk that you can harvest without hurting the spider, the warrior spiders will be stronger etc.. And because the end game can be boring for Webber they could introduce buildings where you can store each type of Spider, including the cave ones, maybe even a expensive building where you can keep spider queens.
  10. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    My eyes hurt a little too when I play him, maybe if they could change the effect a little bit instead of removing it, it would be much better
  11. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    They are not in the normal game yet ,you have to enter the beta, you have to do that from Steam.
  12. Wortox strategies or tips

    I find basing near killer bees very useful, if you are decent figthing them you will get a LOT of souls
  13. I think the idea of healing only with gears and doodads is great but a big problem with the character is that he consumes too many gears with no way of recovering them, maybe they could make it so he can drop the some of the gears he has eaten when he gets wet or overcharged, and he would lose health when this happens.
  14. Speculation on Woodie Revamp

    I think it would be cool being able to control when you transform, maybe while you are holding Lucy you wont transform but you will lose sanity like Wilba does with her necklace
  15. Weird Headcannons

    Spider wars are caused by the spider half of Webber to help his friends survive, our sweet and innocent spider loving child has no idea where all that monster meat is coming from and he has done NOTHING wrong.