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  1. The little baby monkeys could be befriended by Webber and Wilbur to make them more unique.
  2. Sprinkles is a beast, you can make most crops grow in less than a day.
  3. I think the tip of the royal staff looks kind of like a rock egg, and that is why the BFB stole it
  4. The green gem´s element is labour while the orange gem´s element is sloth That is why winona dislikes the orange gem, she is obsessed with work.
  5. Construction would make sense for Wormwood too i guess, he has a green gem inside so he has construction powers (the green thumb items)
  6. I think green gems are related to working (because orange gems are lazyness) instead of creation, so maybe Wormwood was made for a specific purpose, maybe related to the fountain of youth.