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  1. Short story. I wanted to try and learn how to program a weapon since I can do some easy characters, but Swap_ isn't working. I've used someone else's mod as a base cus my program doesn't want to listen to me. Can someone help? Spinel.zip
  2. Hey again. Firstly - I do have DSMT. I've downloaded what tutorial wanted. I've tried to fix everything I could - I've looked into other weapons both original and fanmade. I think I've fixed almost everything (or at least what I've understood) But there's another problem - Autocompiler is showing some error and it doesn't want to create any rar - not only here, but also with my other mod adding pills (healing item). Am I doing something wrong with Spriter? baseball_bat.rar
  3. Hello, again dearest forum. Today I need help with food, specify - adding new recipes to a crockpot. I've been searching for already existing dishes but I can't find them? I've been trying for a few hours and now I'm slowly giving up. So - I wanted to add gingerbreads and biscuits. (I will probably change the recipes, I'm too tired to think rn) Gingerbreads: honey + egg + butter + ice/twigs e.t.c Biscuits: egg + egg + (not sure but probably just ice/twigs) I've wanted to add it to mod adding 2 other characters and like... Character1 is Gingerbreads fanatic while Character2 is Biscuits fanatic. Is it possible to make both of them regenerate more while eating their favorite dish? Gingerbreads (normal): Hunger >> 50 Sanity >> 10 Health >> 20 Gingerbreads (for Ch1): Hunger >> 70 Sanity >> 30 Health >> 35 Biscuits (normal): Hunger >> 20 Sanity >> 0 Health >> 5 Biscuits (for Ch2): Hunger >> 30 Sanity >> 30 Health >> 10 Thanks a lot
  4. Hello again, dear community. This time I need help with adding custom weapon I tried following tutorial, looking into other mods, reading logs and trying to figure it out by myself, but I still can't understand how to do this. maybe it's because of my poor English knowledge or I'm just really stupid person trying to do something too big but dunno. So: I, my bf and our friend are trying to add 3 characters (I'm 100% sure I will make more posts about these three) We wanted to give one of them thing close to him - a baseball bat. Can someone help me with it? I know it looks I don't know how to do it - It's because I really don't know how to do it. I just want to make it appear in the game but it keeps crashing. baseball_bat.rar
  5. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    When I'm following everything it replaces esctemplate with charactername in 71 files, not 33. The first time it worked normally but when I tried to do second mod everything went wrong in both mods, I don't know what happened, I've done everything in the same way.