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  1. I have the same problem. I didn't play DST for about 5-6 months, Before that i didn't have this issue, I decided to play DST after all this time, i created a dedicated server to play with my friends and I saw I get doomed when I connect to the cave and I can't connect to my server anymore unless I completely disable the Caves. Also tried in another server and I saw I got doomed there too. All errors are the same as @DiviVine. In my server's console I can see migration by user '...' failed (178). What I tried: First thing I've tried was disabling my custom VPN, cause I saw it's only happening to me, so i guessed it's something about my network. But it wasn't. Second thing I've tried was disabling and unsubscribing all my mods and also disabling server's mods. Still didn't work Third thing I've tried was verifying the game files via Steam, same results. I really don't know what should I do, Nothing has changed from 5-6 months ago (when i didn't have this issue) My current DST Version: 467172 Some *client* logs that may be useful [00:00:48]: Connection accepted to|13000 <6343344388988527992> [00:00:48]: Network external address discovered:|24805 [00:00:48]: SendClientHandShakePacket to <6343344388988527992> [00:00:49]: DeserializeHandShakeServerListing [00:00:49]: Network tick rate: U=10(3), D=20 [00:00:49]: Platform: 1 [00:00:49]: Version: 467172 [00:00:49]: [Steam] Game Connection initiated [00:00:49]: SendClientInventoryHandShakePacket to <6343344388988527992> [00:00:50]: [Shard] Starting connection to destination server... [00:00:50]: [Shard] Getting info of destination server... [00:00:50]: Overriding region to EU [00:00:50]: Received ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT [00:00:58]: Connection lost to|13000 <6343344388988527992> [00:01:51]: [Shard] OnDestinationInfoResponse Connecting to master=(N) [00:01:51]: [Shard] Error requesting destination server info failed, . [00:01:51]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true) [00:01:51]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_DST_DESTINATION_SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE", reset: true [00:01:51]: [Steam] Game Connection terminated (3160297361|13000) [00:01:51]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode
  2. Hi there, Around the pig town there is some farm and guard protects them. Sometimes a bird comes and drops a seed. The guard want to eat the seed but he comes back to farm and again want to eat the seed and again he comes back to farm. This happens again and again and again... Sorry for my bad English