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  1. I've got a dedicated server.I'd like to change event to Hallowed nights. But anyway if I do it in file worlgenoverride.lua it doe'snt change. BTW even with creating world, I changed some options like to long day or long season autumn, it doesn't work. Any ideas how to fix it, besides creating server once more?
  2. Big thanks @Zillvr helped and resolved problem!
  3. @Zillvr This is under Klei\DoNotStarveTogether_EasyConfigCaves\Cluster_1\Master
  4. @Zillvr Thank you. Unfortunately did not help. Again the same issue after several minutes after logging into the world again lost connection and same logs.
  5. I need help with fixing this issue, I tried almost every solution that I found and didn't work. Please help. It is a dedicated server and i got like 29th day and by the end of this day it's getting disconnected.Whatever if this is a dedicated or normal server it's getting disconnected at some point. It started like 2-3 months ago and by now it is happening all the time.