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  1. Farmer's Touch effect has missing text (+100% attached to end of name) as seen in the image attached. Not sure if this is already known about but I'd though I'd mention it here just in case. It doesn't crash the game or anything, its just simply missing text, that's all.
  2. Unfortunately, I had to delete my save files in order for it to work so it is fine now.
  3. I haven't played it since the rocketry update (which wasn't to long ago) and just updated it today. When I tried to play it again after updating it would show this screen after the"Klei" logo and I have tried everything I could to fix this issue. I have installed all vcredist packages, .Net Framework, latest version of Windows 10 (1809), compatibility mode (Vista - 7), run as administrator, not fullscreen, restarted, and finally, reinstalled the game. Also, the games freezes as soon as it shows up and then closes. The game has ran fine before and I have never ran into this problem. NOTHING HELPS!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I LOVE THIS GAME AND WOULD LIKE TO PLAY IT AGAIN!!!