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  1. well mid-March almost gone where's the new character rly rly look forward to that XD
  2. Hamlet building placer changed?

    thank you for the reply and oh no rip my little town lol
  3. Hi everyone Is the Hamlet building placer changed? Is this a intended feature? I haven't played for a while and just wanted to check out the new stuff after the updates, but found out that the Hamlet building placer is now like the one for walls, which means it can't be placed in the center of a turf tile nor the vertices....This will ruin the layout for the little town from my old save since basically all the buildings from that save were centered. Here's a screenshot. The pitchfork shows where the center is. The bank still can't be placed in the center even after the geometric placement has been turned off.
  4. omg I can't wait to see the new things! Love you guys! BTW plz fix that one can't place anything down in a room or multi rooms would still be a waste lol. It just happened randomly not sure why but it seems the map has something invisible blocking the placement of things. I'm guessing that it used to be the spawn point of pikos since I built my little houses in the cultivated biome after chopping down several tea trees but I had this issues while building houses in other areas too so I don't know. Plz fix it QAQ I had all my little city planned out already, so I don't want to build the house elsewhere. The following image shows that there are two areas that I can't place down an icebox. The red area would be much larger for crockpot but with the same center and basically take up most of the room space. And one more thing, I keep having a new chester everytime I travel to my hamlet linking rog world, and one of them not even linked to eyebone any more just wandering around like a wild mob lol. Not sure if related, I travelled to ROG first with robin and picked up the eye bone then chester and robin somehow both linked to eyebone afterwards( and robin still linked to the gizzard stone too), and then I took robin back to hamlet and afterwards, I got a new chester everytime I went to ROG as shown in the following image. (one of the chesters has already wandered off the map, I don't know where it is now)
  5. This is a Hamlet linking RoG world. As shown in the image, wolfgang's body temperature is 4 while standing right next to the firepit. Even with winter hat + thermal stone + largest fire, wolfgang's temperature can only go up to 16 or so and will drop very quickly if he leave the firepit like there's nothing keeping warmth.
  6. It was in the bug tracker section ever since I posted it
  7. Hey, I just stopped apokalypse but when I came back to the first island and walked pass a mant hill, four mant warriors suddenly spawned and chased me until my death. Step to reproduce: 1. Turn the clock forward until the aporkalypse come and then turn a little further to stop it. 2. Go back to the first island and walk pass a mant hill
  8. Hey, I'm not sure if this is a bug since I haven't played shipwrecked for a while, but my trawl net kept missing after dropped upon being full. It happened twice already. The first time I was trawling over bioluminescence, while the second time over seaweed and mussel. This is a Hamlet compatible SW world. Sealnado and tiger shark didn't spawn either not sure if it's possible to happen but I used to have sealnado spawning on day 30 and shark kitten spawning during early monsoon
  9. oh I see now. This way seems really easy to carry out XD I will definitely try it
  10. Thank you. It's really helpful. I'll definitely try this method. Just to make sure I got the right idea. This video uses the three pond as position marks so that the poison clouds from burning old trees would always be around other ponds while the player can then attack toad freely without worrying about poison clouds everywhere on screen. Those trees are really annoying. The problem with flingo method is you can't use weather pain to chop down trees cuz they will destroy flingo too. And I didn't have any source of fire at the moment since it was summer and I got lantern + miner hat + moggle, so chopping trees with an axe became just too slow after all flingos died even if I clicked my mouse crazily. But it's much harder for me to go for weather pain now, since after I pushed the left one of each volt goat herd back to my base, they merged, and I had really bad luck on getting horns :s. I guess I'll give it another shot as soon as Bearger spawns, cuz its late summer already. Definitely don't want to go back up after kill toady and see all my base ruined XP.
  11. Hi everyon! I've been trying to solo misery toadstool lately but it seemed none of the methods I learnt from youtube videos worked. At first, I was planning to go for misery toadstool on the spring of year 3 with weather pain and morning star, but after almost eliminated the two whole volt goat herds in my world several times I only got two horns. Afterwards, I kind of got obsessed with rebuilding and expanding my base and the new event of pig king came so some time passed while till today I only got 5 weather pains and 2 morning stars. Well I did try it on a trial with regular toadstool while I was using wigfrid, which I only bring toad's health down to half and I rolled back afterwards. I don't know how to do that test server thing while you can spawn everything so I test things in this roll-back way. I don't want to wait any longer, so I changed my strat to flingos, since the torch way just seemed too hard for me. After setting up with 6 flingos and 10 feathers for smoldering, I started the fight. According to those videos, it would only take roughly about 3 days to kill misery toad. However, after 6 or 7 days toady still had 10k health while I used wolfgang who's almost full hunger all the time with either thulecite clubs or dark swords and then I just run out of fuel for flingo and failed to finish the toad since there were too many trees without flingo. So I rollback to 5 days ago cuz I wanted to try the fight again but found out I was already in fight 5 days ago and flingo fuel meter was like 1/5 down so the fight might have been like 6 or 7 days (I always lost track of time while in cave). And now I'm just too confused why it was so different from those videos on youtube. Misery toad felt like defroze really fast and 6 flingo can't really stop it from spawning trees. I did spend some time to kill two waves of depth worms during fight but I don't think it took that long at all. Maybe the first wave took a while but the toad was in third phase during second wave, and it almost instantly killed all worms with jumping on ground. Wolfgang barely took any damage at all and I still got plenty of food and chopped every tree as soon as it appeared before flingo died. The fight was way much longer than I ever imagined. I just don't know what's wrong. I did refuel all flingo once during fight but they all died at the end anyway. Can someone please give me some tips on this? Should I go back to my old plan with weatherpain? Just didn't know it would take so long that I couldn't go back to where I started now. Here's what I prepared for misery toadstool: 1. Food: 80 or 60 jerky (can't remember exactly) + 40 pierogi + 40 dragonpie + 40 cactus + 2 ice cream ( I just want to eat it XP) 2. Weapon: 2 thulecite club + 80 nightmare fuel + 20 living log (I can't remember how many dark sword I used) 3. Armor: 5 thulecite crown + 2 battle helm Yeah I definitely overprepared on these but should I bring more fuel next time maybe? Should it take that long? Please help me =_= I felt like I'm in the wrong direction. Thank you.
  12. Platform: Steam Mods: geometric replacement + display food value + combined status + minimap Version number: 301295 1. Crash The game crashed when lauched the game and got the message of "Don't Starve Together has run out of memory and must shut down. If you have mods installed consider disabling some of them and trying again." while I was playing Don't Starve: Hamlet and didn't even open Don't Starve Together. Steps to reproduce: I saved the game after entering a ruin and the next time I lauched the game I got this crash. I tried to reproduce but doesn't seem to be working. After the game crashed, all my DS and DST mods have been disabled automatically. (Not sure why DST was related while I was only playing DS at the time.) 2. Bugs Can't open the suspicious crack with axe and the unrealized shadow creatures can activate traps (not sure if this is a bug but I don't see why imaginary creatures can activate a real trap). Steps to reproduce: Again saved after entering a ruin and next time when I entered the game I can't open the suspicious crack with axe.