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  1. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    Then he will try to turn around and stumping everything around. The only way I know to get rid of him besides running away is to let him land on a small area with the turf that allows it to land on, surrounding by a larger area with the turf that doesn't, like at the edge of map. But most of the time, I'm not around that kinda of area nor be able to stand in an area for a long time to wait it to land like when I was fighting pugalisk or clearing some bugs, flytraps and spider monkeys overpopulation out of rainforest. I don't mind harassment as long as it give you somehting back, like bats drop pig skin and meat constantly. For BFB, I just don't feel like it's always very helpful. The cave it takes you to mostly don't even have light bulbs. Of course sometimes it can be used as taxi to travel around island, so I just hope we can have the option to kill it. You like it then you can keep it alive, if you don't like it you can kill it after get what you want
  2. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    I might want to fight it, but mostly I just want to be able to kill it and make it never appear again after I get Robin xD. I just simply hate it. Most of my deaths in Hamlet are caused by BFB xD
  3. [Game Update] - 335195

    I still didnt get y everyone want a teleportato in Hamlet so desperately. Its not like in RoG or SW where u hv nonrenewable material such as thulecite, guardian horn and hard to renewable( and also less useful imo) materials such as obsidian to carry over worlds. Also, Hamlet's map isnt that big either to be game-changing like in SW if u got resources rly scarce it could be a pain to gather them with that huge map. But well its still good to hv the option tho. I like all those things's landmark. Definitely gonna base around those xD. They look so good
  4. well mid-March almost gone where's the new character rly rly look forward to that XD
  5. Hamlet building placer changed?

    thank you for the reply and oh no rip my little town lol
  6. Hi everyone Is the Hamlet building placer changed? Is this a intended feature? I haven't played for a while and just wanted to check out the new stuff after the updates, but found out that the Hamlet building placer is now like the one for walls, which means it can't be placed in the center of a turf tile nor the vertices....This will ruin the layout for the little town from my old save since basically all the buildings from that save were centered. Here's a screenshot. The pitchfork shows where the center is. The bank still can't be placed in the center even after the geometric placement has been turned off.
  7. omg I can't wait to see the new things! Love you guys! BTW plz fix that one can't place anything down in a room or multi rooms would still be a waste lol. It just happened randomly not sure why but it seems the map has something invisible blocking the placement of things. I'm guessing that it used to be the spawn point of pikos since I built my little houses in the cultivated biome after chopping down several tea trees but I had this issues while building houses in other areas too so I don't know. Plz fix it QAQ I had all my little city planned out already, so I don't want to build the house elsewhere. The following image shows that there are two areas that I can't place down an icebox. The red area would be much larger for crockpot but with the same center and basically take up most of the room space. And one more thing, I keep having a new chester everytime I travel to my hamlet linking rog world, and one of them not even linked to eyebone any more just wandering around like a wild mob lol. Not sure if related, I travelled to ROG first with robin and picked up the eye bone then chester and robin somehow both linked to eyebone afterwards( and robin still linked to the gizzard stone too), and then I took robin back to hamlet and afterwards, I got a new chester everytime I went to ROG as shown in the following image. (one of the chesters has already wandered off the map, I don't know where it is now)