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  1. Flingo for a tree farm with the stacked pinecones and a boat cannon/coconade. I'm on day 34 now. Went with wicker for the Day 1 walking cane strat. Got that. Now, I have an island thats just jungle next to two islands with mangroves and beach. I have a small base with just some chests, a lightning rod, 1 crock pot, an ice box, and a chimanea. Monsoon season is coming. I'm not sure how im gonna deal with the flooding since i dont really have a ''base'' yet.. just a spot with the basics for hoarding everything. I've already got my dumbrella and all. I'm not sure if i should put down flooring in my small nomadic type base or just get one of those brain of thought hats for prototyping and spend monsoon season either exploring or setting up a volcano base. That is what im struggling with most. Simply, I just have an island near some other islands with mangroves, beach etc. My little spot has 10 berry bushes, alch engine, chimnea, 5 chests, and a crockpot/ice box. I'm on day 34 and i saved inside the volcano where i was gathering about 30 coffee plants and getting ready for some elephant cacti stuff. I was thinking maybe just dropping 10 coffee plants on my little nomadic base and using books to farm them for enough coffee to explore the rest of the map during monsoon season. And having a volcano base set up before dry season. Thinking of moving a few spider dens on the volcano and farming monster meat to give to the bird and just use eggs and the plentiful bone shards for appeaseal to the altar.
  2. So, I recently made it to 120 days in shipwrecked. I could have kept going but i was so unorganized from the start it started to become hard to focus on anything. My questions are.. We have the pig farm in DS/DST.. for a source of food. Going around knocking pig houses and moving them to base. Is there the same option with Wilbores? Simply, im wondering some early goals to have a good source of food, fuel, and other things necessary. I was wondering if rushing to get a flingo and start a tree farm early is also a good idea? Or maybe a monkey farm? I'm starting over today and wanted to hear some early ideas for a good source of basic items so that other things can have more of my focus. Like putting down flooring, etc.
  3. Whenever I try to create a RoG world, it puts me in a basic DS world. I've tried everything, each option including reinstalling and only activating certain DLCs. When in the game select option though it will say RoG next to the world ive created, but when i click on it it only shows the basic DS. At this point, I don't know what to do. I'll link a few threads with the same problems. I've read through these threads and there are no confirmed solutions. EDIT: Theres actually about 4-5 threads about this just on the first page of this subforum for bugs. So, I won't link them all. But one of them wasn't even replied to. I'm hoping we can get a solution here as many people are having this problem. EDIT 2: With only Hamlet and RoG DLC enabled it does render a RoG world only if I do not connect it to Hamlet DLC. But the same visual error as below occurs. With only RoG DLC enabled the world renders RoG but the same visual error below as well. I can screenshot if necessary.
  4. Okay thanks. I won't be spawning one in. Any opinions I had on the matter where just my own as a player with less than 150 hours in the game, a beginner. Opinions can change as well. I didn't mean for them to be taken seriously and become about what it SHOULD be. I was just asking for help more than anything. @ooceanoftears @FreyaMaluk
  5. I think that what I was saying was misunderstood. My intentions were not to ''cheat'' or to convince it should be one way or another. My intentions were just to see what the intended spawn rate is. If the intended spawn was 2 then I would spawn myself in one. Otherwise I would not.
  6. I'm hoping a dev will tune in and just explain how it is intended to be.
  7. I would just like to know if this is intentional or not. I don't want to spawn in something I shouldn't have gotten. But if 2 are intended then I will. If the spawns are meant to be this way then fine, but it doesn't seem like thats the case considering the possible 4 scepters with only 3 items.
  8. So, i've had 2 spawn multiple times.. ive had 1 spawn multiple times.. and ive also seen none. As well as having heard of people getting up to 4 on the island. I would love to hear from a dev on what its supposed to be. Because I have never even considered using console to spawn in an item, but if i was supposed to have 2 spawn then I will spawn one in for myself. I feel like its almost necessary. Its tough to have just the key/hammer without the other. I know there are other ways of attaining the relics and such, but im a bit new to this and if i was meant to have 2 scepters I would like that to be the case. Also just letting the community know that the spawns are off.
  9. So for the second time there is only one scepter on Rocs island...
  10. Loving this! Lets see some more!
  11. I can definitely appreciate the minimalist style. Its close to my own playstyle. Some of my favorite bases are the mini bases with that type of style.
  12. We need a place for people to post such creations. Incredible. I'm hoping this thread gains some traction and we see more bases in here. Once I see things ramping up ill get a moderator to change the thread title and I may add something in the OP with peoples names and links to their bases/creations if requested. By the way @Field Field feel free to post whatever your base may look like. No need for proper. Any builds are welcome.
  13. @Field Field Looks awesome! This is the type of stuff I wanted to see! Glad people are getting the ball rolling! Lets see more!
  14. Looking good! I have to give Webber a shot one day.
  15. Wow I love your base! I like how you have sectioned off things. Can you elaborate more on what you mean? I meant that this thread can be used for all different types of bases and approaches. Basically somewhere where anyone can show their base no matter what. So, im sure we will hear from a lot of different approaches from various players. Would love to see your starting RoG base at some point! Feel free to post it.