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  1. Is there a console command to change it to winter with the same amount of days left? Im on day 26.
  2. Im so frustrated. First season, I go down into the caves @ day 26. I come up and its spring.... Can i change it back to winter somehow? Without making it the start of winter.. Like.. how do i get my game back how it was, I'm really angry about losing this great start. EDIT: What i meant by old bug, is that there are threads from early and mid 2018 about this bug. And posts about it being fixed.
  3. Base Location Struggles

    Title says it all. I feel disorganized and have trouble choosing a definite base location in all DS DLCs really. But now im playing Hamlet. I try to consider how close the city is.. how close I can farm nettles.. and things like that. But im never sure if my decision is a good one. I struggle with this in all the DLCs as said. I've never made a large base that I felt was organized and I was happy with. Mostly because of my early game I feel.