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  1. Guys? do you still set up hatch farms in your gameplays? - if so, what has been working out great for you - do you only breed stone hatches or something?. I kinda wanna have the normal hatches and was wondering if there is a renewable food source i could feed them consistently with less effort in producing that renewable food source for them. It's alot smarter to breed stone hatches and feed them igneous rock but just out of personal preference, i kinda wanna keep the basic hatches instead (not a fan of gray color lol)
  2. LOL yea. that's how i roll baby. this is pretty kickass haha.
  3. I'm not great with designs and automation but I came up with this to run my water in a loop till it hit below 27 deg C which then was allowed to pass through the pipes to enter my main water tank in the colony. I've been feeding 27 deg c and below water to my bristles for the longest time now, i never had to worry about temperature in my farm room. Setup: Water enters the aquatuner, passes through liquid pipe thermo sensor (Set at 27 degrees below), obviously its too hot so liquid shutoff doesnt allow the water to pass, sends it back to liquid bridge to loop into the aquatuner again. Backed up water goes up into the vent. This isn't a super awesome efficient setup, you could try it out to see if it works for you. Automation: Automation wired connected to thermosensor & Liquid Shutoff. Personally, I prefer turning my polluted water into water sieve, comes out at 40 deg, which then gets sent to aquatuner - water comes out at a nice 26 deg.
  4. Haha thank you. My bad, the screenshot was taken when the game was on paused when i loaded the save. Here's a better screenie. During the early game, I had my food stored in CO2 area and when I got my first coal generator hookedup to Smart Battery, i built a fridge to store my food. Later on, i started working on having 2 ranches of hatches for coal production and i have a coal/hydrogen/petroleum generator setup for power. O2 is being pumped in from the ice biome, so my oxygen temp is pretty ideal as well. I'm growing bristle berries, and the incubators at the top are for meat farming - i kill the hatches when they hatch Lol to cook up some BBQ. hahahaha i know right. well it was a lot of micromanaging though at the beginning maybe more so than was needed because of my set up.
  5. Ive set my germs count to disinfect at 3000 in the germ overlay so the dupes kinda hose down the base if you will, to get rid of germs. Even if they miss that sink in the toilet, there will be another sink in the kitchen area for which they have to use. With this setup, I do not have a food poisoning problem. Infact, none of them has any when i check their germ tab. Neither does my food in the fridge as well. In addition to this, I'm playing on hard difficulty settings which makes it fun because in such playthrough I sort of have to be on toes to make sure there isn't germs around that can kill my dupes or weaken them especially when i'm exploring into different biomes. My schedule if it helps
  6. Hey Everyone, First off, i'm relatively new to this game with perhaps 100 hours under my belt and i absolutely love this game. In addition, this forum has been amazing with you guys contributing so much smart ideas which i kinda greatly benefited from in my own gameplay such as hatch info, SPOM and temperature control (Materials to use) Therefore, i decided to create an account to post my very own newbie friendly compact design which you can use. All of these rooms will you morale bonus! That's a great hall, A bathroom, Med Bay and the 8 dupe bedroom. Thanks! Fan of Natural Gas (Farts)