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  1. Wooooooooooooo, nice Klei =)
  2. Any luck? Sad, my dedicated server show ??? too , it's hard to players enter on my server because is on the bottom of the server list (sorry for my englsih) Tryied port fowarding on master_port, server_port, Steam master_server_port, authentication_port and others but nothing Firewall as well, allowed for inbound connections and I'm starting the server as an administrator too, but no fix My IPv4 is dinamic, and the IP i portforward still the same
  3. Unknown ping (???)

    Hi, i entered on my router IP, them i go on the tab Forwarding, hit the Add New..., i put 10999 (service port) , my IPv4 (IP Address), UDP (Protocol) Enable (Status), and i rebooted my router, but not worked, i did something wrong? The service port is other number?
  4. Unknown ping (???)

    Hi, and sorry for my english, i tried port fowarding (10999) and checked my firewall, but nothing yet, any help please?