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  1. Hey, While debugging KGlobalAnimParser.ParseAnimData for a mod, I realised the data for painting_wide_kanim seems a little odd. The KAnim.Anim.Frame says it has 5 elements (other paintings only got 4). Looking into the frame elements it seems there is a duplicate element. The 3rd and 4th frame element both has the same symbol (e.g. "art_3x2_a"), transform, etc. (the others are frame, stretch marks and backing). I guess that was an error in data export? It doesn't really lead to any problems ingame as it's just the same sprite being used twice on top of each other.
  2. TL;DR; Available duplicants change every time the game is loaded. I'm in Cycle 25 right now and kept the latest available duplicants to choose on of them later when I got things ready for him. I saved the game and loaded it later on and the original choice of duplicants was gone and three new were available. This seems to happen on every load. I attached the save file in case it does not happen generally.