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  1. attached here. Let me know if you need something more. I am playing with no mods, just a world with some changed seasons. Went fine crafting things with no science machine, then with a science machine it was also fine. Crashed when I tried to craft a football helmet on about day 6, at my alchemy engine inside my shanty. ta crash on crafting.txt logcrash on crafting.txt
  2. It is not actually all working - now the same crash happens when crafting with the alchemy engine.
  3. I have just installed the hamlet update - love the new colours. I have now tried 4 worlds and in all, crafting something crashed the game on day 1. World 1 it was and axe, world 2 was a torch, world 3 was a hammer. I'm playing as Wendy, Abigail was not alive, no mods other than a few changes in the world pre-set characteristics at the start (longer start season). Also tried it a Wilson in pure vanilla world - and it crashed on making an axe.