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  1. Resources not counting

    Hi, I have a bug right now with only steel so far. It doesn't add it's value to the resources in general and I cannot use it. I have 200KG in the storage bin and I'm not able to use it for wires. I reloaded the game, dropped and stored the steel new into a bin and produced new steel in an attempt to fix the issue. It didn't help
  2. Hi, I just made a new account because I'm not completely happy with this patch and I hope this issue will be fixed. While I like most of the stuff I've seen so far I dislike the fact, that I don't see if my Dublicants already wear an outfit if I decide to give them a suit (while scrolling through the feedback here I see, that it's the same issue with beds. Maybe even with everything where you can assign a Dublicant). "That's it?" - yes, that's it. I haven't found anything else that's somehow a downgrade in my opinion and I haven't had the time to play for a longer period of time. Thank you very much for your hard work