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  1. I cant wait to build a giant pig city in rog. I am so excited!
  2. hmm, I checked my temps and it doesnt seem to be an overheating issue so I guess nothing more can be done. I do appreciate that you took a look at this though, thank you.
  3. I got a 60hz monitor so it is set to 60hz, and yes it happens no matter what character I play.
  4. Oh alright, that's completely understandable. I do appreciate all the work you do!
  5. Just curious if you found anything in my performance report or if my little computer just cant handle this game.
  6. Somewhere around 20 days. I ran in to the jungle and had a **** ton of rabid beetles spawn that decided chase me which tanked my fps, i couldnt see what was happening on screen so I died. These rabid beetles man.
  7. It happens on all the worlds I create. I just sent the performance report.
  8. I've been struggling with this really odd and annoying problem where my cpu usage spikes and memory usage drops drastically after playing for a while. I have absolutely no idea what triggers it because sometimes I can play for 30 minutes then this problem starts, other times I can play for atleast 2 hours before it starts. I have updated all drivers, reinstalled the game, verified game files and disabled all mods without success. I am currently stuck playing on a laptop not designed for gaming but I did test my specs on game debate and I surpass the minimum requirements for this game by what I believe is quite alot. I could really use some help with this. Here is a screenshot of my task manager after playing the game for 25 minutes on a fresh world: I have also changed my nvidia settings to always use dedicated gpu instead of integrated. log.txt
  9. So I'm currently playing in a rog world with shipwrecked compatibility, and I noticed that after the recent update whenever an eyeplant is killed by either the player or a mob the game crashes into this message: (Steps to reproduce) Spawn a lurelant then either kill an eyeplant yourself or have a mob kill it.
  10. [Platform] Steam Walls in Rog compatible worlds rotates with the camera, while they are completely fine in Sw/Hamlet compatible worlds. Walls in Rog compatible worlds: Walls in Hamlet/Sw compatible worlds: I also made sure to disable all the mods just incase any of my mods was causing the problem, which wasnt the case. (Steps to reproduce) Create a world with Reign Of Giants compability and place down walls then rotate the camera with Q/E
  11. I struggling with the same error. The game crashes whenever I craft something at the sciene machine. Sometimes I can craft stuff multiple times at the science machine without the game crashing and other times it crashes on the first craft. Really odd.
  12. Exciting stuff. Thanks for the great work!