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  1. Here is what happens when I try it. It might have something to do with how we unlocked them when we got them from the Gorge chests during the event and when they were able to be woven after the event was finished. But just to show, I do have them all unlocked.
  2. That's pretty funny! I thought I remembered it working back when the game first released on PS4. Sorry to bring attention to this relic of a bug. Thank you for all your work!
  3. There are no audio sound effects for the poison birchnut tree monsters or the little birchnutters that spawn from them. They still function the same, just no audio.
  4. I did some testing on the emoticons and found that only the Gorge specific emoticons aren't working. All 4 Year of the Varg emoticons work fine and the 24 Forge emoticons work perfectly. But out of the 20 Gorge emoticons 4 do not seem to be properly implemented (at least on console). :alchemyengine: :berry_bush: :meat_big: :shadowmanipulator: All of the other Gorge emoticons will only return a '?' in the chat. Unfortunately unraveling and weaving any of these emoticons will not fix the problem. This was tested on the console version for DST on the PS4 and XBOX likely has the same issue.
  5. When I type :wave: or :thumbsup: in chat I get a '?' as if I haven't unlocked them when I do have them all unlocked. However some emoticons will work properly. The ones that will work are the ones I recently weaved. Maybe unraveling them and then weaving them again will fix it but I haven't tried.