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  1. Theres not much to say,the title and prints say everything.I don't think its the fault of any mods(consiering i mostely onle use GP),and i have checked the integrity of my archives areadly.
  2. So,this bug happend to me twice and DESTROYED 2 save files with 200+ days.the fist time it happend, i entered a cave cleft thet had been opened up by the beargers stomp, the game refused to generate a cave and it was stuck trying to gerenate the cave only to a error message poping up and telling me to delete the save file.the second time it was in the ruins,i broke the cleft with a pickaxe and had a bunch of bunnies folowing me,same deal with the cave. My best guees,its eigther a hamlet related bug(it enabeled) or with SHADOW CHESTER(that rascal). I'm really not in the mood to fix my grammar errors
  3. HahaHehe

    Willow Started the Rainforest fire thingy!

    1. RoberTop


      haha he is rigth haha

  4. Wigfrid can't drink coffee, tea, or iced tea

    well the Tea/iced she should drink cuz you know...pikos as far i am concerned are not made of vegetables...
  5. I Say! is Webber British or something?
  6. Well there is the shipwreked tar,but No one to buy them
  7. Clockwork Issues

    this has been in the game since...well...forever even in together,it isn't a ham bug but a feature...a weird one per say
  8. this also happens with the snake and deerclop's eye hat.happens in all dlcs.
  9. i try to use a "net" to catch them but my caracter do the animation,waste durability but the glowfly does not enter my inventory and just continue flying along.
  10. i beliave this is a glitch related to the pigeons that apear in groups in the city,this glitch happens to me weneaver i fist go to the city.reloguing solves the problem(sorry 4 bad english)