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  1. I love the new collapsible resource panel, and also like that it goes at half-size like this, and that it is scrollable. This way, it is not covered by the lower right panel describing the current resource/element. To accommodate those wanting the full screen, maybe the arrow collapsing the resource panel could have 3 states: collapsed, half-screen, full-screen. edit: missing word
  2. This happens due to UI scaling. UI scaling should not be applied to research screen, and the user uses zoom in to see the details. Alternatively, UI scaling is still applied, but the user should have the possibility to scale out much further.
  3. When inserting text in text input (e.g. Dupes' names or base name), pressing modifier keys (Shift, Alt, AltGr, Ctrl, Caps Lock) will insert unicode characters (between U012E and U0141 it seems – I can try to list them if needed). The modifier key will still work as modifier key. E.g. If I want to name a dupe "Kay" (pressing shift to get upper-case K), when pressing the shift key, it will insert "ĭ" (not sure what was the exact character), then insert "K". Arrow keys, back space, page up/down and enter at least work as expected. This is on Ubuntu 18.04. The problem is the same regardless whether I use a translation mod or not.