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  1. Aporkalypse Bug?

    Same problem here. Ancient Herald and Ancient Spirit once generated, they would remain in place without disappearing. I even got two Ancient Herald in two different places.
  2. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    Supposed I was playing the file1 which had aporkalypse, I fixed it by creating a new file2 and covering the file2 with the original file1 in files explorer. Still, need you to exit the game after you create the file2 world. Well, my opinion is that Suny did say don't exit the game and start again, but did not say the cover step. So his suggestion didn't work for my situation. And my file1 had this bug as long as I left the room, the calendar clock would be glued together once again. And no matter when I stamped the buttons, it still will enter aporkalypse every 60 days, until I redo these steps to fix it. This bug really annoys me.
  3. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    I got the same bug this afternoon. I found this topic on the forum and I listened to the advice from Suny, turns out that ain't work. So sad, cause I don't want to give up my 120-days-file. p.s. It's a little strange that the hands of the calendar clock pointed to the right instead of pointing downwards together.