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  1. Thank you so much!! I had such a good game last night because of this fix!!
  2. This was also noted in another forum thread here: Seems like a bunch of people are having this issue too.
  3. Hi devs! Realize this must be a really busy period for you guys so any response would be truly appreciated. I've been meaning to gift this game to a friend for Christmas because she loves the original Don't Starve so much and I've been telling her how Shipwrecked is so great. Unfortunately, I don't think I can gift it to her now because the map issue is making it such a frustrating game to play. So many times, I've been running from things and desperately trying to find myself or the boat on the map but end up dying because these marks are no longer there. Or I end up making boats everywhere because I don't know where I left the last boat. It's been such a go-to game for me but now I'm finding that it's almost too difficult to play. Is there any indication you can give us that this problem is going to be looked at? Thanks guys!
  4. I just started having this issue too. Playing on iPad Air 2. Please fix this as this has been such a great game until this happened!