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  1. can you give me the mod or console command? or how can i find it?
  2. okey. anyone knows what's that command? or how to find it? i searched a lot but didn't find anything
  3. i checked mods on that server but there is not any active mods. also i tried find a mod like this but not exist
  4. i saw some streamers on their dedicated servers that other players who using random character with custom class for example : webber with wendy class i mean webber has abigail and wendy voices... how is this possible?
  5. By not playing klei games and not paying for them, we can cause damage to the Chinese communist company Tenstent!
  6. that was a biggest mistake i ever seen.
  7. hi guys is there any way to get old battle musics or autumn works music? like mods and others? they was nostalgic for me.
  8. Yes, your theory is much closer, but you can not ignore Abigail. Of course, Jimmy Carter's mother's name is only Lillian Carter, and if I'm not mistaken, she doesn't have a sister named Wendy
  9. Oh so my theory was completely wrong and it was just a random naming xD
  10. We know they are related. But is this related to the family of the 39th President of the United States or is it completely coincidental? Because Abigail's full name is very similar to Jimmy Carter's mother.
  11. Hi there! I found out something about the Wendy and Maxwell family. Their last name is all Carter. We can also see Abigail's full name in one of the pictures. her full name is "Abigail Lillian carter" I accidentally searched this on Google. And that was the result. We can see she is jimmy carter's mother. (Jimmy Carter 39th U.S. President) So do you think these names are coincidental, or do Wendy and Maxwell (William) and Jack (William's brother) really belong to the Carter family?