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  1. Complete aporkalypse rework idea

    Well, I think you're right haha, it's just I want a real challenge haha And what about having your structures back once you stop the aporkalypse? Maybe the builder pigs can help you?
  2. Complete aporkalypse rework idea

    Oooh, come on guys. I actually think Aporkalypse is easy. You have A LOT of time to prepare yourself for this. My first impression was that this was too hard, but right now, I have a clean game where I started from day 0. I created a lot of armors, weapons, structures, just to be ready for aporkalypse, and when it came, I was able to survive pretty well. I mean, you have 60 freaking days to be ready. That's enough time. On RoG or SW you have less days to prepare for Dry Season or Winter. I do agree that infinite bat weaves and the useless Ancient Herald it's actually annoying since it becomes repetitive after two days. But all the things that he/it does like the meteors, the frogs or the terror beaks are pretty cool since he/it is such a weak boss with only 2000 HP. If you avoid the monsters, they won't attack you, so you can still live as normal. That is a really BIG adventage. It's not like the bosses on the other DLC's. Obviosuly, Klei need to re-think the whole Aporkalypse since it's kind of "not a hell". I would actually make the first Aporkalypse unstopabble and I would do really heavy changes in the world. For example, I would add earthquakes that could destroy structures and buildings (making the Shantay not a choice), meteor showers that could do the same, I would make the vegetables and fruit resources enter a phase where they can't be harvested (meaning you can only survive with the food you stored), I would extend the poison gas to other biomes, I would create some mobs (like the Guardian tree) that make the resources collecting dangerous, and finally, if you don't stop the aporkalypse on x days, the world is destroyed and you get a beautiful game over. All the stuff I listed would make you feel so desperate that you'd feel the need of ending this hell for the right reasons and not because you're annoyed for the infinite Heralds and bats. C'mon, is an apocalypse. The end of the world. You can't expect that to be easy. And well, on this adventure, you receive a lot of treasures. That's clear I think. hahah Even, one treasure that allows you to control all the aspects of the Aporkalypse.
  3. QOL update report

    I love how transparent and attentive you are with us! Thank you so much and I hope you all get well soon.