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  1. All right, I see what you've done with the doors in today's update. I think this is an answer for my petition.
  2. We should be able to build drywalls at least behind the doors
  3. Random crashes to desktop

    Hi! I just played few hours on this save after today's update and all seems to be fine now. Game not crashed, even once. So I think you can consider to mark it "Fixed". Thank you
  4. Random crashes to desktop

    Long time ago the Heavy conductive wire had twice max load than regular heavy wire. I miss that so much and don't know it is a bug or it meant to be like this. I've tested mods that increase this max load for heavy conductive wire but none of them work. So now I'm using ONI-Modloader https://github.com/javisar/ONI-Modloader with NoDamage https://github.com/javisar/ONI-Modloader-Mods/tree/master/Mods/NoDamage set to turn of overload damages only. As far as I know, these mods do not touch save files, only change game behavior. When the case of heavy conductive wire will be clear then I want to get rid of this mod and... maybe rebuild my power supply in the base. No matter, it's not the point. I saw few other simillar bugs with crash to desktop posted here, so I hope they will help to figure it out better.
  5. I've noticed the game randomly crashing to the desktop without any message or anything, just closes itself. It wasn't connected to any thing I've done... at least I think so. I was using the modloader with mod that turning of the power lines overloads (why the hell heavy conductive wire have max load of 20kW (not 40kW)? ) and thought that mod cause this crash but I deleted it and crash still happenning. Now it is almost immediatly after load and unpause. Hope my save will work right after official release of QoL 2 Embeded dumps are generated without any mods, just clean game. OxygenNotIncluded.zip