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  1. Fix Hamlet World Generation

    I have never had this problem using the default world gen settings
  2. Sounds like Arya Stark's direwolf
  3. Iron Hulks merged speculations

    what do you mean poorly made? I thought these are in-game files!
  4. I have taken a look at bunnyman.lua and bunnymanbrain.lua and they are fundamentally the same as a pigman's scripts. I tried to add the chop tree node from pigbrain into the priority node of the bunnyman's. It worked a bit. My bunnymans, upon meeting a certain condition (mine is getting a strawhat from the player), it go and approach trees, yet it does not actually hit the tree. I figured it's something to do with BufferedAction(inst, target, ACTIONS.CHOP), and bunnymans don't actually have the ACTIONS.CHOP default to them. I have looked at various places and I could not find where ACTIONS.CHOP is defined for pigman so I could not do the same for bunnyman. Any ideas? Your help is much appreciated!
  5. Ovarall thoughts on Hamlet so far

    Thunderbirds are blessings - easy drumstick x2. Make a boomerang and turkey dinner. Especially excellent for wigfrid.
  6. I am trying to make pigs chop trees if they are given the tophat. I have been trying things within the pigbrain.lua: local function StartChoppingCondition(inst) return inst.components.inventory:GetEquippedItem(EQUIPSLOTS.HEAD) == "tophat" end However, it does not regconize "tophat". It does work if I put "nil" as the value, the pigs will chop trees whenever they DONT have equipped hat. I am quite sure it is the problem of my reference to the tophat. Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. The End's Unwell

    Yes everything appears to be normal with the well but i cant chisel the relic tho
  8. The End's Unwell

    The End's Well doesn't look too comfortable with what's inside it :/
  9. Why is this dlc sow hardddddddddddddddd :<

    which character are you playing?
  10. [Game Update] - 301799

    Has anyone addressed the "guard spawns within walls" or the "ro bin disappears" bug yet? Nonetheless thanks the devs for putting out good work continuously!
  11. Woodie in Aporkalypse!!!

    From my understanding the werebeaver can go berserk pretty well. I think everyday would be a bit much, but he is a decent fighter against large amount of bats or mobs (given enough resources nearby for you to eat...)
  12. I personally absolutely hate chopping trees for 15 times so I went with woodie. Also easy 20+ irons whenever I turn werebeaver.
  13. Best mob in Hamlet

    I like mant because of how the devs put mant as less aggressive mobs and womant (at least that was how they named them originally) as angery ferocious horrifying creatures.
  14. Strange Set Piece

    I don't think not having a cap on bats is a bad idea. First off for building a city you'd really need a lot of pig skin. Second there are tactics to deal with them. Here is one that I use:
  15. I have been waiting since midnight and boy am I stoked to play it. Would be nice to know what exact time it will be realeased.