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  1. I mean if klei really wanted to they could try and add back the cave walls from caves beta?
  2. GORGE

    it would make sense that the survivors would upgrade their cooking and farming after coming back from the Gorge, Mumsy would probably help them to after all she did say they would follow them through the portal. I also wish to see Mumsy show up some where in the world in her own campsite. maybe she could even sell the better cooking to the survivors. Also the recipe book should be added as well it would help new people and it would still be balanced because you would need to unlock the recipes, I also don't see why the survivors wouldn't keep a list of all the cooking recipes they know.
  3. Wormwood's Flammability

    never have had that happen before, it always does the miss thing and I'm fine. also wouldn't he smolder before setting on fire in DST meaning he would have more time near a campfire and what not? and on top of that if its still not enough time they could just make him smolder for longer so you would have enough time to put your self out. I also think if he was flammable again it would give a better use for water balloons and Luxury fans in game. Edit: they could also just make him not get set on fire by campfires because they aren't an open flame
  4. welp guess Wormwood's flammability is doomed to be another Willow's fire immunity... can someone mod it in? but not have it spread fire.
  5. Wormwood's Flammability

    sorry wasn't trying to say you were my bad. lightning doesn't hit you or set you on fire if your wearing rain gear.
  6. Wormwood's Flammability

    while I can see this, more modded characters have done the hole take more damage from this X thing a thousand times over while the fire I have never seen a modded character do this before. I have to disagree a lot here Health was and never has been a problem it was only a problem when you are in a boss fight or hounds because in DS there is no one to really take the agro off you but in DST you have friends to take agro so you have time to heal up if need be. however if you are on fire there is no way to lose agro you either deal with the health loss, use a water balloon, or take the time to heal up, with out the fire down side you no longer have to worry about your health as much because there is no longer a "baddie" that can go through armor. I recommend you at least try it out a bit to understand it before making up your mind on the matter, however I would like to say it isn't as bad as it sounds, its manageable it just makes you keep a eye out for whats going on around you just a little bit more. This I wish I knew about this when making the poll as I would have added it to it, I don't know why Klei would do this food has never been a problem and now all this does is remove the ability to make the place look nice, they could have just made the crops take longer to grow.
  7. After playing Wormwood in DST I found that he was moved over pretty well... However one feature was missing and after seeing the stream I am really disappointed in Klei's decision to remove Wormwood's flammability. Now I do understand Klei not wanting him to be able to burn down the base by mistake and I for one don't want this either. However I think in removing this feature it has made Wormwood less interesting, it has taken the mind set I had gotten from playing him in single player where I was always looking out when ever I was in summer or spring for smoldering or lightning, near fire pits and burning trees, or the Dfly and fire hounds, to now just being a thing where its just another modded character who takes more damage from the cold or the heat. In DS you couldn't run from the fire but in DST you can. In the end it just feels like they flipped Willow's perk upside down. What I would like to see is Klei change it back and just remove the ability for it to set other things on fire.
  8. Alright so I been seeing a lot of people asking for Wormwood to regen hp from wetness now heres the thing, thats really broken. Now however I am not saying he shouldn't get at least something from wetness but hp would be very broken more so then ever because of the boats. So heres what I'm thinking have him not lose sanity from wet gear and not lose sanity from wetness until above 50% or so because after that much he would be getting over watered, this way its still "realistic" without being broken. Now if they want to go even further with this idea, they could make it so his hunger is slowed the more wetness he has up until 100% where then it would be the same as a Belt of Hunger or Funcap. Another idea for getting over watered would be for him to slowly lose health, however I don't think this would be a good idea. edit: I should say I think hes fine the way he is right now however I do think he should have gotten one new craftable to make up for the Poison Balm probably getting removed because there is no poison in DST... unless thats changing?
  9. Next Event Poll

    can we just have a way to host our own forge and gorge without the able to get skins?
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    when everyone is fighting Dfly but your Wormwood "Wormwood takes 25% more damage from fire, and burns for slightly longer.*"
  11. if this is a cactus skin I love you even more then ever klei
  12. Hamlet unused stuff in dst

    our thing we get from hamlet is Wormwood
  13. Hamlet unused stuff in dst

    first off the trees are just off model a bit to make for a better looking background they do this all the time. now for these unused trees, I would really love to see these reused in the new update for a jungle type biome or island, I think they would fit right in with RoG's style a lot and they are to good to just go unused.
  14. if they were going to add it they should make it a lot more costly then hamlet's and make it a community building project like the Portal Paraphernalia, it should also be unbuildable until like year 2 or so, so people can't just rush it. but of course like others have said hamlet wasn't built in mind with survival so the house would be a little out of place but I do think they could work it into DST if they make it probably the most costly building there is.
  15. I think wetness should slow his hunger rate like the mush cap or belt of hunger and he shouldn't lose sanity until its above like 50% because plants can get over watered as for the fire I think his burn time should last longer and he can randomly set on fire in summer. also this \/ ash and rot need to be fixed as well.