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  1. Something to note your making the Queen and Metheus (the king) the same person when they are not note that their helmets are different from one another Metheus has large horns while the Queen has small horns also note Im unsure if Metheus is the name for the King or Queen so someone please tell me
  2. The Gorge Recipe Book

    true, true, let me explain a bit better if it becomes a craftable item many may see it as a inconvenience having to keep it on you every time you cook something just to fill it out. on top of that if the book gets reset every time you change server some may see it as useless to fill out. and if you can only see the book while in game and not on the start menu some may craft it, look at and see its all blank and not understand how to fill it out and just leave it on the ground and never bother with it. but if it stays how it is right now where you can look at it in the main menu and pull it up at anytime while playing and it doesn't get reset per server, new players won't have a hard time understanding it and older players might not see it as useless, because it would automatically fill out as you play. also it was really fun and satisfying to fill out the whole book in the Gorge and have it to that little pop up every time you found a new recipe.
  3. The Gorge Recipe Book

    I don't think it should be something you craft because then a lot of people won't end up knowing about it, it would be better if it stayed like how it was in the Gorge a GUI you can click to bring up like the map, it would start out with all the recipes blank and then as you cook you would fill it out. for example: if you make meatballs and you used 3 berries and one meat the recipe book would now show meatballs and that recipe you used but it would not show the others i.e. 3 berries and one monster meat or 2 berries and 2 meat
  4. With Warly coming and bring a ton new recipes for both himself and others I think now would be the best time to talk about adding the Gorge recipe book to the base game, this would help both new and old players by giving us a in game way to see all the recipes, of course you would need to cook the food first to find out how to make it just like in the Gorge. also for anyone wanting to see the recipes from the Gorge
  5. please tell me this cute little guy is coming eventually also :]
  6. Alright so I been seeing a lot of people asking for Wormwood to regen hp from wetness now heres the thing, thats really broken. Now however I am not saying he shouldn't get at least something from wetness but hp would be very broken more so then ever because of the boats. So heres what I'm thinking have him not lose sanity from wet gear and not lose sanity from wetness until above 50% or so because after that much he would be getting over watered, this way its still "realistic" without being broken. Now if they want to go even further with this idea, they could make it so his hunger is slowed the more wetness he has up until 100% where then it would be the same as a Belt of Hunger or Funcap. Another idea for getting over watered would be for him to slowly lose health, however I don't think this would be a good idea. edit: I should say I think hes fine the way he is right now however I do think he should have gotten one new craftable to make up for the Poison Balm probably getting removed because there is no poison in DST... unless thats changing?
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    when everyone is fighting Dfly but your Wormwood "Wormwood takes 25% more damage from fire, and burns for slightly longer.*"
  8. if this is a cactus skin I love you even more then ever klei
  9. I know this is the wrong place to ask this but I don't want to start a hole thread for this so I'm just going to ask it here but can someone get me the animations for the pebble crab? sorry...
  10. On Examination Quotes

    Webber to Charcoal - "Hard and black, like my better half."
  11. the reason why Wormwood doesn't have a red gem is because he didn't need life, the plant was always alive in the first place he just needed the knowledge from the green gem to do more things
  12. [Game Update] - 307715

    can't believe I'm getting into this... Wormwood didn't replace Warbucks Warbucks was removed because Klei didn't like him because his personality and lore was REALLY bland (take a look for yourself Warbucks' perks weren't bad but they needed a lot more to them Warbucks' art wasn't that great (put him next to Wilson and you will see) Warbucks' removal was bond to happen his quotes didn't add anything to the character other then proving how much of a generic movie hunter/explorer dude he was. do I think it's sad to see all the hard work gone into him go, yes. do I think it's better that hes gone so a different character with a better personality can take his place, 100% (not talking about Wormwood). if I have learned anything from Klei its that they know what there doing when it comes to character personalities/lore and if they think it's better that hes gone so they can make a character with so much more, THEN LET THEM, your not the one making the game after all and a lot of us got the game for free. now after playing Wormwood I have to say, Klei... please change some of his quotes so they aren't just "Friend?", even if its just changing the "?" to a "." or "!" other then that he as some good personality to him.
  13. Please let webber get to craft every type of spider den