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  1. when everyone is fighting Dfly but your Wormwood "Wormwood takes 25% more damage from fire, and burns for slightly longer.*"
  2. I know this is the wrong place to ask this but I don't want to start a hole thread for this so I'm just going to ask it here but can someone get me the animations for the pebble crab? sorry...
  3. the reason why Wormwood doesn't have a red gem is because he didn't need life, the plant was always alive in the first place he just needed the knowledge from the green gem to do more things
  4. can't believe I'm getting into this... Wormwood didn't replace Warbucks Warbucks was removed because Klei didn't like him because his personality and lore was REALLY bland (take a look for yourself Warbucks' perks weren't bad but they needed a lot more to them Warbucks' art wasn't that great (put him next to Wilson and you will see) Warbucks' removal was bond to happen his quotes didn't add anything to the character other then proving how much of a generic movie hunter/explorer dude he was. do I think it's sad to see all the hard work gone into him go, yes. do I think it's better that hes gone so a different character with a better personality can take his place, 100% (not talking about Wormwood). if I have learned anything from Klei its that they know what there doing when it comes to character personalities/lore and if they think it's better that hes gone so they can make a character with so much more, THEN LET THEM, your not the one making the game after all and a lot of us got the game for free. now after playing Wormwood I have to say, Klei... please change some of his quotes so they aren't just "Friend?", even if its just changing the "?" to a "." or "!" other then that he as some good personality to him.
  5. wrong this is a solar eclipse as seen in the trailer and the fact the Aporkalypse clock shows the moon blocking out the sun when it starts
  6. I was looking at the moon in the Aporkalypse and well its a full moon, now by logic shouldn't it be a new moon? because the sun is behind it and your not seeing the side with light reflecting off the moon? now if I remember right we have learned that there is something up with the moon in DS/DST lore so there could be a lore reason behind this or... this was over looked by the devs and there is nothing to this... and yes I know its just them setting it to a full moon in the code and having a red overlay.