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  1. Been thinking on some ideas for this. The winds from SW and Hamlet, I personally think wind should be added to DST probably closer to how hamlet's wind acts because SW's wind is annoying, sometimes light wind can happen near sea level this wouldn't do much of anything but be more of a aesthetic thing with things swaying in the wind, sails could also maybe get a small speed boost if they sail with the wind but it wouldn't slow them down if they sail against it, now here is where elevation comes in, the higher you go the stronger the winds could get, this could maybe even make it harder for wild fires to start higher up making it a good place to base maybe. Another idea I have is that walls could protect against sandstorms in the oasis desert, or if your higher up in the desert you could see the top of the storm. Better rivers could be another thing as well with flowing water and waterfalls (like OP said), maybe there is new river fish and you could see twigs, grass or drift wood floating down them sometimes? This could also prevent boat bridges because they'd get shoved into the sides of land or the river would be to small. Now whats a idea Klei hasn't really used? oh that's right! group buildings (aka Portal Paraphernalia or Royal Tapestry), this idea has barely been touched since its been added, how could we fix this? maybe being able to build 1 to possible 2 tile long bridges to get across a small gap, it'd take a long time to build probably costing a lot of wood planks and rope not something you could really rush, could even maybe make stairs but they'd probably only should be a one tile thing. of course this is more of a iffy idea not sure of it myself but its nice to think about I guess?
  2. Just want to say this whole idea would finally make Don't Starve Together not Don't Starve but multiplayer. I don't know about you all but to me Klei has been wanting to push the idea that DST is DS 2 and not DS but multiplayer with not wanting to port DLCs, refusing to add SW sailing, slowly revamping the music, revamping the characters, adding new characters, the fact that the story is continuing off of where DS left off, and much more. This idea would finally make it clear to new players that this isn't just DS multiplayer, because lets be real, a new player looking at the screenshots on steam and going in blind wouldn't be able to tell whats different, on the surface so far the 2 games look the same, so elevation would make it clear that something has truly changed. True, world gen is horrible in don't starve and always has been. The settings for world gen even show this, with there being only the bare bone things you can change and with no idea what it actually does, but it doesn't have to be this way anymore, world gen needs a revamp, we need more control over it and we need more to it, elevation would add more to what the world gen needs to take into account this might also finally get Klei to allow us a world seed thing similar to Minecraft, and thinking of Minecraft, why not add a super flat world so we don't have to deal with elevation if we don't want to, and there could be many more world types finally no more of the same old same old. I will bring up Minecraft once again, world gen in Minecraft is everything, people have made massive lists of seeds to finding cool things that the world gen has done, when Minecraft changed the beta world gen, it was cool at first but it got repetitive, same hills, same oceans, same everything, but sometimes cool things could be found, but not as much anymore. Don't Starve world gen has gotten repetitive only on rare occasions can you find the moon part of the main island or the atrium part of the ruins. Elevation would add another layer to what would happen, maybe spawn is at the highest place of the map, maybe there's a wall stopping you from the desert, maybe the meteor field is in a valley making it hard to dodge meteors, or maybe the moon stone is at the bottom of a valley and the hounds and werepigs are jumping down from the cliffs? sure this stuff sounds mostly aesthetic but in the end its how you choose to deal with it, do you find a way over the wall or sail around it? Do you jump off the cliffs to get away from spawn or do you take the safe long route down? Do you wall the moon stone or the cliffs? Another thing to note, when the atrium was added Klei said on stream they wanted to have walls in it but then they remembered Don't Starve doesn't have real walls. With this they could fix that and on top of that maybe walls stop lazy explorer and Wortox stopping people from skipping the tentacle. Of course Wortox should still be able to teleport up on to higher areas just not through walls if that makes sense? I don't know about that one so take it with some salt please.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    when everyone is fighting Dfly but your Wormwood "Wormwood takes 25% more damage from fire, and burns for slightly longer.*"
  4. I know this is the wrong place to ask this but I don't want to start a hole thread for this so I'm just going to ask it here but can someone get me the animations for the pebble crab? sorry...
  5. the reason why Wormwood doesn't have a red gem is because he didn't need life, the plant was always alive in the first place he just needed the knowledge from the green gem to do more things
  6. [Game Update] - 307715

    can't believe I'm getting into this... Wormwood didn't replace Warbucks Warbucks was removed because Klei didn't like him because his personality and lore was REALLY bland (take a look for yourself Warbucks' perks weren't bad but they needed a lot more to them Warbucks' art wasn't that great (put him next to Wilson and you will see) Warbucks' removal was bond to happen his quotes didn't add anything to the character other then proving how much of a generic movie hunter/explorer dude he was. do I think it's sad to see all the hard work gone into him go, yes. do I think it's better that hes gone so a different character with a better personality can take his place, 100% (not talking about Wormwood). if I have learned anything from Klei its that they know what there doing when it comes to character personalities/lore and if they think it's better that hes gone so they can make a character with so much more, THEN LET THEM, your not the one making the game after all and a lot of us got the game for free. now after playing Wormwood I have to say, Klei... please change some of his quotes so they aren't just "Friend?", even if its just changing the "?" to a "." or "!" other then that he as some good personality to him.
  7. Please let webber get to craft every type of spider den
  8. oh shot ya your right... now I'm just confused about the trailer
  9. wrong this is a solar eclipse as seen in the trailer and the fact the Aporkalypse clock shows the moon blocking out the sun when it starts
  10. I was looking at the moon in the Aporkalypse and well its a full moon, now by logic shouldn't it be a new moon? because the sun is behind it and your not seeing the side with light reflecting off the moon? now if I remember right we have learned that there is something up with the moon in DS/DST lore so there could be a lore reason behind this or... this was over looked by the devs and there is nothing to this... and yes I know its just them setting it to a full moon in the code and having a red overlay.