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  1. I'm gonna say it, at some point Woby needs to get an update. She's such a good girl!! Woby is just as important to any other survivor on the roster and I think giving her a mini character update could be a fun idea. (similar to Wes) Apart from giving her their own trailer, I think it would be really cool if she had new skins that matches Walters. It can be skins that require the "Clean Sweeper" tool. Maybe even giver her own menu like Wilson & Webber's beard types? Next: New character idle animations. I always found it weird how Woby didn't had more unique animations compared to the vargling. (apart from her beast form animations) It would be cute seeing her chase her tail or sniffing the air sometimes. Lastly tho a bit touchy: These are the minor ideas I have for new gimmicks she an do. I know Walter is already capable as is, but I do think these mechanics are pretty safe to add to Woby. Note: Ideas I list are intending to be the one addition, Idk if adding them all would be a good idea) 1. Finding Treasure: I think Woby should be able find buried treasure while exploring. How it can work is while you're not riding her, there's a chance she'll start sniffing the air; then if you wait long enough she'll start digging the ground to retrieve something. The items she can dig up (usually a single material) are no different than what you can find in a tumbleweed. Items would vary from twigs & flint to tickets & gears. Or sometimes it can be a false alarm; just think it can be a nice addition and fix the issue of spawning in a establish world with no flint near by for pickaxe. (despite being an RNG system) 2. Fetch: This mechanic is what it sounds like, Woby fetches you stuff. Basically how this can work is that you give Woby a material she can sniff, and then she'll run off in the world to retrieve it for you. (can bring one at a time or up to 3 if in beast form) She can only bring small stuff while mini and bigger items in beast form; however, each time you send her out it takes longer for her to come back. Additionally, there's also a change she can come across a mob on her journey, and bring that mob back to you. The creatures she brings back from spiders to a varg, so use with caution. (having a Mctusk in that RNG pool can be good to) I feel like this can be another safe addition to add to her since theirs a risk reward system, the items she brings back aren't many, and you're out of a mobile backpack & ride for up to a day in waiting for her return. (at least I think it seems fair-ish) 2.5. Now this is an Addon side gimmick to go along with 1 & 2, mostly 2 (plus a bit iffy): Walter should be able to craft dog treats for Woby. The dog treats are for giving to Woby for good behavior or just for fun. Essentially, whenever Woby fetches or digs something up to your liking, she'll wait for a bit expecting a treat. If you like the item she gave you and you give her a treat, she'll be more likely to find more of that item for a short while. Note, teats can only be given once a day and the most she can find or receive is up to 3. Even more so, it's still not a guaranteed process. The treats themselves can also be eaten by other survivors, tho they offer no health, 10 hunger, and loss of 20 - 30 sanity. One last thing I think could be a neat addon to this is when combined with Warly's spices, he can upgrade the treats to give Woby a temporary speedboost effect when in beat mode. 3. Lastly, tho nothing special: When Woby is soaked from water, if you stand near her, she can shake off the water causing some wetness to get on you. It's not a lot and most likely to offer a max of 10 wetness, but I'm sure someone can find some use for it in the summer. But yeah, I think these additions could make for a fun Woby update in the future, let me know what you think? (✿◠‿◠)