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  1. Proof of Purchase Skins

    Thank you, @PeterA, I saw while ago what @JoeWposted. Unfortunately, the reply doesn’t answer my questions. The point of my post was to learn why Klei is permitting PC to have skins that PS4 can not have and possibly generate a resolution in making proof of purchase skins available for PS4. Or is Klei content with having the console players not have the same items available? Meaning not just proof of purchase skins, but the rewards from solving the metheus puzzles, as well.
  2. Proof of Purchase Skins

    The point of second question in my original post is that it would be nice to have a way to redeem item codes through a third party or another way. It doesn’t really matter if Destiny was a good or bad example. Destiny was was never meant to be the main topic of this post! If there are skins available to PC players it would be nice for them to be available to console players at the same time. I was hoping to find an answer from the developers if there a possible way to obtain the proof of purchase skins in the future, on console. Or if they are going to keep all proof of purchase skins strictly PC from now on. The answer may save us all money. I read in another post, there is discussion of linking PC and console accounts together in the future and using the item codes at this time. Yet, the idea may not work if a console player does not have a PC account. Please do not discuss anymore about Destiny in this post. Thank you!
  3. As of right now, there is no possibility to obtain old, present, or future proof of purchase skin items since console players are no longer able to redeem item codes. Question 1: Why were the Funko pops skins designed, in the first place, to be available only to PC players? This week, the console players achieved equality to PC by being able to purchase skins sets through the console. Yet, at the same time we lost equality to PC by not being able to get skin items from proof of purchases to old, present, and future items. Question #2: If there is no possiblity to obtain the proof of purchases skins through the console, can the console players be allowed to obtain them through a third party site (like bungie.net for Destiny) or be able to have the opportunity to buy the item(s) and/or just the skin(s) through the console store?
  4. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    This was answered in another topic.... Unfortunately we can’t, but I wish we could. They (Klei or PlayStation) are limiting the skins we can get on the console.
  5. Daily Gift

  6. Daily Gift

    I did not get my daily gift today. I was able to get it on my husband’s account. Did this happen to anyone else?
  7. Dynamic content?

    I just tried, as well, and the loading screen remains stuck.
  8. Dynamic content?

    So I exited, restarted, selected re-enable, and now I am stuck on the loading... screen for 5 minutes and counting
  9. Dynamic content?

    I did notice, when I select I understand, the options to buy from the store is no longer in the main menu.
  10. Dynamic content?

    Yup... then when I choose re-enable I was stuck in the loading screen.
  11. Unable to get PS4 purchased items

    Thank you!
  12. Dynamic content?

    Just stayed on the loading screen... after a few minutes I restarted the game.
  13. Dynamic content?

    I am having the same problem, as well. I selected the “re-enable” and now stuck in the loading screen.
  14. Unable to get PS4 purchased items

    I have logged on and back in, rebooted the game, and rebooted the PS4 with no luck.
  15. Question... has anyone else bought the forge set on PS4 and not received the pieces in their inventory? I have the receipt from PSN showing the action has be processed and less funds in my wallet, yet no items. If you have a set in your inventory, how did you get it?