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  1. Thanks for the link to the Discord server! Wow, it is so great to know that there is an active community out there. I don't know if I will be able to contribute much (for the same reasons as Addams013), but I will definitely hang out there a lot.
  2. So...this game is dead?

    I don't mind waiting a little bit longer for the game to be released. I am sure it is going to be worth it. There are plenty of other games to play in the meantime and i think that there is nothing wrong with having something to look forward to.
  3. I know there have been several threads asking for Invisible Inc 2 and I still can't help starting another one. This game is awesome, probably my favourite game ever! The art style is fantastic, the soundtrack is a masterpiece (what software did they use for this?), the agents are so cool (and I absolutely love that they are all individuals, each one with their own story, instead of being just customisable characters!), the gameplay is addictive, the atmosphere, the voice actors, the cutscenes, the item descriptions - everything is awesome! I discovered it only one year ago and I couldn't play any other game for many weeks. I just wish it was longer. I would love to have more story and more missions. Many people were asking for a sequel and of course that would be great, but I think there should be a prequel above all. During the game, I just got enough snippets of backstory to become really curious about what happened to the world, about the resource wars, the corporations, Olivias story, Dereks story, the agents' stories - I feel that there would be so much potential for a prequel. Please think about it, Klei! And, most important of all, never stop producing games! While waiting for Invisible Inc. 2 to come out, I am now enjoying Oxygen not Included and really looking forward to Griftlands.