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  1. If the developers aren't going to fix this obvious bug that many of us exploit then they should at least add something like this to the description: "Vent normally reaches overpressure at 2000g but by partially submerging in liquid, the safety protocol will be disabled allowing pressures in excess of 99999kg!"
  2. Transformer generates free energy exploit To replicate: - build a crapton of manual generators - connect them to at least 1 transformer - free energy!! in my test 1 duplicant running on 1 400w manual generator causes the transformer to provide 4kw to the connected batteries, it seems having more manual generators connected to the transformer causes it to draw much more power than it should.
  3. This is a pretty serious bug that should be fixed ASAP, once they all die they are gone from the map for good, unless you want to activate sandbox and keep clicking spawner which not everyone wants to do.